Slip Or Not, Spider-Man Far From Home Raises A Lot Of Questions

Spider-Man Far From Home

Whether Tom Holland meant to let it slip or not, Kevin Feige has confirmed that the 2019 Spider-Man will be called Spiderman Far From Home. Personally, I like it. I believe that Spider-Man belongs at Marvel and by continually giving his movies the “home” treatment affirms that Marvel believes this too.

Homecoming was a monumental success that did more for the character then the previous rehashing of the origin story did. It relied on great storytelling, a good product and that special touch that makes the audience care for the characters. As shown by the meme’s that popped up after, when (spoiler alert) Spider-Man died in Infinity War, Marvel knew that they had a winner on their hands.

And now we have Spider-Man Far From Home.

Next up

It’s widely suspected that Jake Gyllenhaal will bring his talents to the movie and portray Mysterio. If this is the truth, I can’t help but wonder, outside of the “bring Spider-Man home” reference, where the title comes from. Perhaps, it’s in reference that when he died (spoiler alert) he did it on Titan and not Earth. The 2019 release is the first scheduled movie after Infinity War concludes, so maybe it is a reference to him finding his way home.

Or maybe the title references that his life will never be the same now that Peter is Spider-Man. Without actually seeing a Marvel Studios origin, we are left to watch the aftermath of the bite and not the bite itself. That is, we only see Peter’s transition into the superhero role and not the how or why of it. Perhaps, Spider-Man Far From Home is a reference to this and that he will never truly be “home”. With home, of course, being what his life was before the bite.

Maybe it’s neither

Maybe it is just a clever play on the title of the first Spider-Man movie. Or Maybe it is just the Studio recognizing what they had worked. And maybe it was a way of not clashing with Sony’s intended “Spider-verse.” Truthfully, the worst thing that Marvel could do is to ruin their good thing with Sony and overstep their boundaries. With Venom set to arrive later this year, perhaps Marvel is cautiously stepping around Sony and not on them.

What if it relates to the widely suspected Secret Invasion element in Phase 4 and on? What if Far From Home means that Spider-Man and every other hero that died in Infinity War has been replaced by a  Skrull? All signs point to the Ms. Marvel movie introducing the green species. Imagine the shock that would overtake the world if the heroes that died, weren’t the true heroes and were actually Skrulls? Marvel successfully did it in the comics, so are they brave enough to do it on the big screen? Could Secret Invasion have already begun and we don’t know?


Maybe, they are waiting for Sony’s “Spider-verse” to fail so that they may swoop in and outright purchase the character back. I can’t say as though I’d complain about it. After watching a re-watching the few Venom trailers that have come out, I stand by my “it’s Sony and Sony hasn’t made a good Spider-Man movie in over 10 years” opinion. Maybe Marvel agrees and is just looking for the perfect time to make their offer?

Whatever Spider-Man Far From Home means, all I can say is that I hope it means far from an origin story, the “Spider-verse” and anything that Sony has released in the last 6 years. What are your thoughts?



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