Oh Baby, We’re Getting An Into The Spider-Verse Spin-off and Sequel

Into The Spider-Verse Spin-Off

As a movie that set and then raised the bar in animation standard, it comes as no surprise that Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse will have spin-offs and sequels. 

The sequel, which was announced last November, will continue to follow the progression of Miles Morales. As you probably remember, the conclusion of Into The Spider-Verse saw Miles and company defeat Kingpin and send each of the other Spider-(Wo)men back to their realities. I’d be willing to guess that the sequel will pick up a few months after these events. I’d eve bet that it will follow Miles as he grows into his superhero role. 

The Into The Spider-Verse spin-off, which will reportedly focus on Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen), and Cindy Moon (Silk), while exciting, has no release date.

Awards galore

It’s no surprise that the movie is slated to receive the sequel and spin-off treatment. Not only was Into The Spider-Verse a critical and commercial success, but it has also pulled in nearly every animation award imaginable. Aside from winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, it also won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Animated Feature, and the New York Critics Circle Award for Best Animated Film.

According to the fine folk at Discussing Film, Sony is prepared to green-light many spin-offs but hasn’t yet done so. Instead, the company wants to ensure that the Into The Spider-Verse spin-off and its sequel are as successful as the original. Don’t fret. This doesn’t mean that more animated films won’t come. What it means is that Sony is being smart and crawling before it walks. Remember, this is the same studio that gave the world Spider-Man 3 and two Amazing Spider-Man’s because they rushed things.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is available for digital download. 



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