5 Spider-Man Villains That Need To Appear In The Movies

Spider-Man Villains

Three weeks ago Marvel released the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming. While the movie was far from perfect, it did the proverbial trick as far as entertainment goes. The movie featured Vulture as the main protagonist with a side of Shocker. Thus far, between Sony and Marvel, many of Spider-Man’s greatest foes have made an appearance on the big screen. This, of course, includes Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Rhino, Electro, Lizard, etc… The list has been extensive, however, if you know Spider-Man, you know full well that he has the who’s who of villains to contend with.

With so many left to choose from, where does a studio begin? While I’m by no means a studio executive, I do have my own preference of who should make the next appearance.

With that, here are 5 Spider-Man villains who need to appear in any upcoming Spider-Man movies.


The name alone is enough to strike fear into any hero. Carnage (Cletus Kassidy) might very well be the most unstable and ruthless of all Spider-Man villains. He is psychotic, unpredictable, and viscous. If the worst that Spider-Man receives from Carnage is a bleeding nose, consider it a lucky day. This man/symbiote makes Freddy Krueger look like a character that belongs on My Little Pony.

With the recent success of R rated films like Deadpool and Logan, it is a no-brainer that a Carnage movie has to be in the works. Oh, and maybe it’s no coincidence that a Venom movie is on the way. Could Carange be the villain in that movie? Time will tell.

Kraven the Hunter

What do you get when you cross a big game hunter with a man hell-bent on being the best?


What do you get when you cross that person with a potion that grants him Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, and Durability?


Imagine the storyline that would unfold if Marvel and or Sony unleashed (see what I did there) Kraven into the world of Spider-Man. The Kraven storyline possesses one of, if not the best Spider-Man story of all time in Kraven’s Last Hunt. Basically, without ruining too much, Kraven hunts down Spider-Man, takes him to the limit and buries him in the ground.

From there, it gets a little strange. Kraven, seeing that he has bested his toughest adversary, takes it upon himself to become the new incarnation of Spider-Man. If either studio ever had the gall to do this storyline, it would be/has the potential to be one of the best Comic Book Adaptations ever made.

Just sayin’.


Take it as what you will. I’m a little biased towards Scorpion as he has always been one of my favorites. When it comes to Scorpion and Spider-Man it has always been a case of brains vs braun. Spider-Man = Brain, Scorpion = Braun. There has been more than one occasion where Scorpion has got the better of Spider-Man and if I’m not mistaken, one such time occured in the very frist encounter!

This movie could bring together an interesting ensemble of cast members. For one, if Sony could CGI Lizard, they could CGI Scorpion. Two, J. Jonah Jameson is single-handedly responsible for the creation of Scorpion and his tie in could be played up in a big way. Three, the world definitely needs a fourth actor to play Spider-Man…am I right?

…as long as they don’t put Scorpion in a suit as awful as that Rhino suit from Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Venom is on his way, make no mistake. Tom Hardy has signed on to play the Anti-Hero and it is just a matter of coming up with a storyline good enough for arguably Spider-Man’s most famous and loved enemy.

I said it above, and I’ll say it here. Carnage needs to have something to do with the movie. The two, while sharing a hatred for Spider-Man also share a hatred for each other. Venom is a good guy underneath his symbiote who refrains from hurting innocent people. For this very reason, he and Carnage are at odds with each other. This movie has the potential to be Rated R and to be one of the best Rated R movies to date.

Don’t get me wrong, Spider-Man should definitely be in this movie, but he should play a minor role. It is far more interesting to watch Venom and Carnage go at it.

What do you guys think about the Venom movie? What will it be about? Who will be the main villain? Will Tom Hardy suddenly drop out and the studio have to resort to Topher Grace reprising his role as Eddie Brock? Do you think that these two are the best of the Spider-Man villains?

Black Cat

Much like Venom, this movie has been announced but I am extremely curious to how it plays out.

Let’s not look at Halle Berry’s Catwoman as an example of what can happen when the studio makes a comic movie with a female lead. Instead, let’s look at Wonder Woman. Now that’s a movie done right. It had action, romance, and most importantly a storyline worth watching. My brother famously wrote and article claiming that no matter how good Wonder Woman was it couldn’t save the DCEU. I can’t confirm it but I think he regrets his words.

So what does Sony do? They’ve announced the paring of Silver Sable and Black Cat in a movie they’ve titled Silver and Black.

This movie has the potential to be extremely interesting. As you are probably aware (if you’re not, considered yourself newly aware) Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker have a longstanding history together. At first a Catburglar, now an Anti Hero, Black Cat is one of the more interesting villains in the Spider-Man Universe. She, like Venom sits firmly along the fine line of right vs wrong. Personally, I like the way that the studios are going. There are so many good, strong female leads available, that it is about time that this market became tapped into.

Your thoughts?

WIth so many available Spider-Man villains, it is nearly impossible to decide who’s next in line. Perhaps, I’ve got it wrong about who I think (minus Black Cat and Venom) and we will never see Carnage, Kraven or Scorpion on the big screen. If this is true and I am a way out to lunch on my choices, who do you think deserves a shot?



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