Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy Is Not as Woke as You Think, Reports Say

The force is female

It’s not a secret that Star Wars fandom is facing sort of a social crisis. In recent times, much of the focus of the franchise has been put on female leads and representation within live-action projects. Some fans consider it to be a good thing, while some are criticizing that direction.

The reasons behind the criticism are numerous, some fans are genuinely misogynistic, but a vast majority feel that the female and minority representation feels forced and therefore falls flat and bland, being there just for the sake of being there, which makes the overall products all that worse.

For many the face of that new woke direction is Kathleen Kennedy, a film producer and the current president of Lucasfilm. She has been perceived as “woke” by some due to her approach to diversity and inclusion within the Star Wars franchise. This perception largely stems from her decisions regarding the representation of women and minority groups in the Star Wars films and related media. Kennedy has been vocal about her commitment to diversity, and some people interpret this as a reflection of so-called “woke” values.

But now, new reports point in the direction that she may not be as woke as many believe her to be. Matthew Belloni, journalist and former editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter voiced a different side of the story via his The Town podcast. He claims that the creative forces behind the projects often need to talk Kennedy into including diversity in the projects.

But Kathleen Kennedy is not… That whole ‘South Park’ thing was… It was funny, but it wasn’t accurate. Within Disney, she’s not known as the ‘woke warrior.’ She kind of has to be convinced, from everything I’ve been told, she kind of has to be convinced to do this stuff.

Belloni also made a good point regarding that decisions that impact the projects the most are still not “female.”

And there’s still never been a female director of a ‘Star Wars’ movie. I’m very critical of Kathleen Kennedy, but I don’t think she’s gone overboard on the diversity stuff.

This may as well be true as far as we can prove it, and the fact remains that Star Wars is not the only franchise “hijacked” by females. MCU is going through similar stuff, for better and worse, so my personal opinion is that it’s not about Kennedy alone, it’s more on a systematic level, where shareholders and fans demand that everyone “get on with the current times.”

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