If The Rumours Are True, Something From Star Wars Episode 9 Is Coming

Star Wars Episode 9

I don’t care about what anyone thinks of Rian’s Johnson’s The Last Jedi. Episode Nine is on the horizon and J.J. Abrams is back. 

Each time a Star Wars movie draws near I feel like a young boy at Christmas. As the opening sprawl finds its way across the screen, I become giddy with excitement as though I’m opening a Christmas gift for the first time. It happened with each of the Original Trilogy. It happened with the Prequels, no matter how average they were. Again, it happened with the standalone’s Rogue One and Solo. It happened with Episodes 7 and 8. And it will happen with Episode 9. 

I love Star Wars.

I live and breathe it. In fact, it has become more than adoration for me. Star Wars has found its way to my body with a large tattoo across my upper leg, through my two son’s (one talks about it all the time and the other is named after a character), and the countless times I tell my wife about it. 

That’s why, when I found out that some footage relating to Episode 9 may be released before Christmas, I jizzed myself. White, creamy jizz.

Ok, well maybe not quite that…but pretty damn close. 

Star Wars News Net

According to Star Wars News Net, we may get a glimpse of Star Wars Episode 9. Now, this may not come in the form of an actual trailer but rather a behind-the-scenes shot or two, but who cares? It’s Star Wars.

If you’ll remember, Episode 8 left the Resistance reeling. Luke Skywalker has died, Yoda’s Force Ghost has appeared, Supreme Leader Snoke was cut down by Kylo Ren, and through it all, Leia Organa is convinced that the Resistance has everything it needs to win. 

Episode 9 should comfortably bring closure to this Trilogy, thereby effectively bringing closure to the Luke Skywalker Saga. Which, of course, makes perfect sense. Director, Rian Johnson is set to create an entirely new, non-Luke-centric Trilogy at this one’s conclusion and to do so indicates that things have to fid closure. This means that, like those Christmas presents, Episode 9 has a lot riding on how cleanly it wraps (pun intended) things up. 

No matter. Hopefully, we will get something from Star Wars Episode 9 before Christmas and I can chalk the ending of 2018 as one to remember.



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