‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Addresses Force Vergence – What Does This Mean for Canon?


‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ recently released the seventh and penultimate episode of the show. It was another flashback episode and connected to the night during which Witches of Brendok died, but told from the Jedi perspective.

We found out who was actually to blame for the downfall of the whole coven, but we’ve also learned how Osha and Mae were created.

At the start of the episode, we learn that the Jedi weren’t on Brendok without a good reason. They were trying to locate something known as Force Vergence.

A vergence is a space where the Force is strong and flows freely, allowing it to be manipulated or used by Force users who connect with it. It’s also been called a “Force Nexus” as it can be a meeting place between strong channels of the Force that give those around them even more power and access to the Force. These vergences can surround a place, person, or even an item.

As Master Indarra explained to Torbin they suspected that Brendok had Force Vergence since the planet was thriving with life despite being involved with a Hyperspace accident some time ago and was rendered lifeless.

Later in the episode, while analyzing the twins’ blood, the Jedi figure out that Vergence was involved in their creation. The girls are highly sensitive to the force and their unique force signature seems like that of a one person separated in two, something that only Vergence can do.

It’s unclear whether the girls are the Vergence or Vergence was manipulated merely to create them, still, their origin as “the chosen ones” of the High Republic Era is clear. Something I was hoping that the show wouldn’t lead into.

But, despite that, there’s nothing in this episode that breaks canon, as Vergences are nothing new.

Vergence or Force Nexus is a recurring concept in Star Wars, such as the Force Nexus found in locations like the cave where Luke trained on Dagobah in ‘A New Hope,’ or Skywalker lightsaber.

The manner in which twins were discovered also feels like the movie ripoff, Qui-Gon Jinn states that he found vergence centering around a child (Anakin) and he turned out to be really special, with his status as the chosen one affecting every single life in the Galaxy, for better or the worse.

The twins were also properly identified as being special, they were created without father, and show high force sensitivity…you connect the dots.

It’s interesting that Vergence is usually often associated with negative things and the dark side, most likely since no one should have that amount of power under control, but in practice, they proved to be rather helpful to the Jedi, and it’s speculated that the fact that the Jedi were actively looking for these sources of power is the reason why they were thriving during the High Republic Era.

Nothing in the episode breaks canon, but it walks dangerously slow to setting up Anakin as the second (third…) chosen one that was created to bring balance to something that the Witches of Brendok did 100 years prior, creating two Force Vergences.

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