Star Wars Theory Receives Death Threats Following Potential Wookieepedia Defamation Lawsuit Over ‘The Acolyte’ Incident


If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise and were offline last week oh boy did you miss out on a lot. There’s a real drama brewing in the fandom, caused by the recent release of ‘The Acolyte’ episode 4.

As you’re probably aware ‘The Acolyte’ was a highly controversial show even before release, part of the fandom reacted badly to the female-led premise, and some additional statements made by the cast and crew only served to further inflame already agitated fans.

Things got so much worse, when the show actually released, and fans saw that it was low-quality and in some parts, nonsensical. The show so far introduced Witches of Brendok, a band of non-traditional force users who managed to create twins Osha and Mae by manipulating the force in the absence of a male partner completely.

Then episode 4 arrived and the show had a brief cameo of Ki-Adi-Mundi, a character from The ‘Phantom Menace’ who shouldn’t be alive during the events of ‘The Acolyte’ considering that he was in his 60s give or take a few years during the events of the movie, and his species don’t live as long as Wookiees for example, or whatever race Yoda is.

So what do Wookieepedia and Star Wars Theory have to do with anything? Well, soon after the release of episode 4 fans started both mocking and asking for an explanation regarding Mundi’s appearance in the show. Wookieepedia editors made a quick decision to alter Mundi’s date of birth and remove it from his site completely so that the argument that Mundi’s age and lifespan are not clearly defined in the canon is supported.

This was most likely done in an attempt to legitimize ‘The Acolyte’s’ take on canon events, which is problematic even if we ignore Mundi’s age and birthdate.

Star Wars Theory, one of the best, if not the best, YouTubers covering Star Wars content in general, caught the change during his watch party. His subscribers told him in the chat that Wookieepedia made changes to Mundi’s page based on nothing but what the show said.

We’ve covered the incident extensively, and soon following that change, Wookieepedia editors started receiving death threats, allegedly, although no concrete evidence was given at the time, the evidence allegedly has since been deleted by the users who posted them.

Wookieepieda further accused Star Wars Theory of sending fans their ways to threaten them, since Star Wars Theory told his fans to “fix” Wookieepedia. The editors of the popular wiki alleged that the same fans that came to “fix it” were the ones making the death threats.

Niatoos Dadbeh who is the name behind the channel then posted a video, claiming he is ready to pursue legal action against the site for defamation since the site claims that he is the one sending the fans to do his “dirty work” and his fanbase is making these death threats.

Dadbeh said several times over the course of the video that he asked no such thing from his fanbase and even claimed that he himself is the target of hateful attacks pretty often, which is honestly, not that hard to believe. Dadbeh stated the following and threatened very real and very serious legal action if Wookieepedia did not cease their slander:

If you continue to lie and purport that my company is sending you death threats or hoarding my followers to send you death threats I will take legal action against you. I do not like that defamation. You are quite a big presence, you are not a little shrimp fry on Twitter with a couple of followers. If You continue I will file a lawsuit.

Ironically this is the moment when Star Wars Theory started receiving death threats from Wookieepedia supporters, and luckily, we have evidence for those, quite a collection of them:

Now obviously, Wookieepedia did not send those people after Star Wars Theory, but it’s a bit ironic taking everything into account, as they are clearly Wookieepedia supporters in this argument.

Star Wars Theory himself reposted the photo starting a discussion about whether the reaction to death threats sent to him is the same as when Wookieepedia alleged the same thing.

What do you think about the whole incident? Let us know in the comments below!

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