Stephen Amell Would Love to Play Green Arrow Again, but There’s a Catch

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Canadian actor and professional wrestler Stephen Amell had his breakthrough in 2012 when he started playing the title role in The CW’s TV series Arrow. The series spawned the entire television franchise known as Arrowverse, and Amell played the character for eight seasons and 170 episodes until 2020. He also reprised the role in other Arrowverse shows, and his latest appearance was recently in the ninth episode of the final season of The Flash series starring Grant Gustin.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Amell was asked if his latest appearance in The Flash is definitely his last time wearing the Green Arrow suit. Amell said he doesn’t think so. The actor said he wouldn’t have anything against reprising the role again in some way, but not for the entire 22-episode season as he did on Arrow. He’d love to do it if he’d be offered to reprise the role on a limited basis or in the movie.


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Arrowverse is slowly reaching its end with the final season of The Flash. Superman & Lois is still ongoing, but even though the series started as part of the Arrowverse, it was separated into its own continuity starting with its second season. Arrow premiered in 2012, and the Arrowverse became a thing in 2014 when The Flash, the second series in the franchise, started. Arrowverse also spawned Supergirl, Black Lightning, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow finished its run in 2020 after eight seasons. The Flash will conclude this year after nine seasons. Supergirl finished its run after six seasons in 2021. Black Lightning finished its run after four seasons in 2021. Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow are the only Arrowverse shows that didn’t have a proper ending. They were canceled last year, Batwoman after three, and Legends of Tomorrow after seven seasons.

Green Arrow is a well-known DC character, but he never had the chance to appear on the big screen. Justin Hartley first played the character in the TV series Smallville. Arrow was first intended to be the Smallville spin-off with Hartley before the character was rebooted, and Amell was cast as the new Green Arrow. Amell previously expressed interest in playing the character in DCEU, but Warner Bros. said they would keep their movie and TV universes separate.

But we know that DCEU will end this year, and many things have changed at the top of Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios. We aren’t optimistic that we’ll see Amell wearing green again, especially with Arrowverse ending this year. But would we like to see him as the Green Arrow again? Definitely!

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