Storm: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Ororo Munroe

First Appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 (May, 1975)

Powers:  Can control and manipulate the weather. Flight.

Affiliation: X-Men

Enemies: Most X-Men enemies, Shadow King

Love Interests: Forge, Black Panther

Did You Know: Storm has long been a fan favorite and her ever-changing look is apart of the reason.  For a while, she could be found wearing leather and sporting a mohawk.

A Little History

Storm first appeared in Giant Size X-Men #1 back in 1975. She was a part of a Professor Xavier recruiting mission to build a new team. She was created to prevent the new team from having an all-male ensemble.

Storm hails from a long line of African witch-priestesses. As a baby, her parents, along with Ororo, moved from Harlem to Egypt. Shortly after their arrival, both her parents died during the Suez War when a shot-down jet crashed into their home. Storm survived the crash but was trapped under the rubble of her house alongside the bodies of her dead parents.

At the age of 12, she left Egypt and headed for the Sahara Desert. She made the 2000 mile trek on foot and eventually settled into a lush, tropical paradise. She took upon the guise of a Goddess due to her powers.

Initially, she was shown to be a priestess who utilized magical powers, hailing from Kenya. Referred to as Ororo, or Great Goddess of the Storm, the Kenyans would often visit her begging her to help control the weather. To aid them, she would ease the droughts so that they could grow the crops that they needed.

In one particular instance, once she finished summoning the rain, she returned to the land only to find Charles Xavier waiting for her. He had gone to Kenya to both ask for help and to witness her awesome power. To help convince her, Xavier conceded that although she had everything a person could want, she was destined to fulfill a larger purpose – to defend mankind. Realizing the sincerity is his voice, she accepted his request and took on the name, Storm.

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