The Top 10 Superheroes Who Use Guns, Ranked (Marvel & DC)

Top 10 Superheroes Who Use Guns
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Where comic book heroes get their powers are as varied as a box of chocolates. Each hero has a different story and consequently, powers that accompany that story. Some can fly. Some can project energy from their bodies. And some can control the minds of others. To be a superhero requires superpowers. Or does it?

Some heroes don’t need superpowers to solidify their spot as a hero. Some heroes, use manmade objects to keep law and order in the streets. These heroes instead choose to use guns. Now I’m not saying that they aren’t necessarily without superpowers. What I’m saying is that rather than defaulting to their superpowers, they default to guns. Through their guns, they inflict their own personal brands of justice. And justice they inflict. Who are they? Easy. Here are the top comic book superheroes who use guns.

List of top 10 superheroes who use guns:

10. Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

DC’s answer to the Wild West, Jonah Hex knows two things more than most. First, he can ride a horse like nobody’s business. Second, his understanding and use of guns. 

Jonah Hex is without superpowers but his knowledge and ability with a gun might as well be considered a superpower. He is one of the foremost marksmen in all of DC and holds this distinction even though he’s blind in one eye.

Jonah Hex is a 19th Century cowboy who enforces his version of the law. He doesn’t go after the innocent and holds himself to a High Code of Honour. Granted, the Code of Honour does allow him to kill his opponents, but that’s not the point. 

9. Silver Sable

Silver Sable Origin

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #265, Silver Sable is as good with a gun as she is with her mind. Does she possess any sort of superpower? No, but that’s because she doesn’t need to. 

Silver Sable is the leader of her own mercenary team, the Wild Pack. The Wild Pack is a team charged with bringing Nazi criminals to justice. She wears a Kevlar-reinforced body suit, and is the CEO of Silver Sable International. Like so many others who use guns, she can always be found carrying a 9mm pistol and is never afraid to use it. This, however, doesn’t mean that she’s inept without it. 

Quite the contrary. Silver Sable is one of Marvel’s foremost hand-to-hand combatants and has even stood tall against Spider-Man. 

8. Wild Dog

Wild Dog

Many know Wild Dog from his appearance on the CW’s Arrow. That version, Rene Ramirez, is not the same as the version that first appeared inside the pages of a comic book. This version, Jack Wheeler, is the DC counterpart to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones. 

Parading around wearing a hockey mask and wielding an unruly submachine gun may get a person a little bit of unwanted attention. Luckily, Wild Dog wants attention. Just like Casey Jones, Wild Dog is an anti-hero who dishes out vigilante justice. Unlike Casey Jones, his weapons aren’t limited to sports equipment.

Jack Wheeler is a former Marine and uses his know-how to inflict pain and punishment on any who deserve it. Does the name Wild Dog scream someone who should be taken seriously? No, not really. Don’t let that deceive you. Wild Dog is one of the superheroes who use guns and is someone who should be taken very seriously.

7. War Machine

War Machine Origin

I really shouldn’t have to say anything other than War Machine is actually a giant gun, but I will. 

If Iron Man had a sidekick, it’d be War Machine. He doesn’t have the slick red and gold color combination that Iron Man has…he’s a kitchen utensil shade of silver. Nor does he have Iron Man’s infinite financial resources…although the suit was made by Tony Stark. None of these mean that he is inferior to Iron Man. What he has that Iron Man lacks is the military experience.

Lieutenant James “Rhodey” Rhodes served in the United States Marine Corps as a combat pilot. As a member of the Marine, Rhodey did several tours on duty, some of which saw him take part in the Vietnam War. On one mission, he was stranded behind enemy lines. This actually turned out to be good for him as he wound up meeting and becoming friends with Tony Stark. 

The War Machine armor does exactly what you’d think it does. It grants Rhodey superhuman strength and durability and has more weapons installed than an entire military squadron. 

As far as superheroes who use guns go, War Machine is one of the most important. 

6. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon Origin

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who Rocket Raccoon is. After the unprecedented success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the entire world awoke to exactly what Rocket was. 

A gun-toting, attitude-filled, animal with a pungent for money and a thirst for violence. 

First appearing back in 1976, Rocket Raccoon was the by-product of genetic experimentation. As a result, he was given human-level intelligence and the ability to walk on his hind legs. This meant that he was able to think and act like a human. As such, he gained an affinity for weapons and became a master tactician.

Rocket is one of the most important members of the Guardians of the Galaxy not because of what he can do but rather what he’s willing to do.

5. Deadshot


Often considered one of the most accurate marksmen in DC, Deadshot is no stranger to guns. His history is a little more interesting than most. Deadshot has gone from villain to anti-hero and back. As an assassin, he doesn’t care whether or not his target is good or evil. In fact, as long as the money is good, he will kill anyone.

As one of the first characters that come to mind when the words Suicide Squad are mentioned, Deadshot as synonymous with the team as any. This, however, doesn’t always play in his favor. Because of this, he is often misrepresented as a villain. 

Deadshot wears a mask that enhances both his hearing and vision. He is proficient with any weapon. Rocket launchers, small pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles for example. He’s so good with them that when expertise and efficiency are required, Deadshot is the first one called. 

4. Cable


Guns. Cable is a superhero who uses guns. Big guns.

No one in Marvel is as known for outrageously big guns as Cable. The time-traveling mutant from the future is the offspring of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior. He’s the father to the mutant messiah, Hope Summers, the leader of X-Force, and buddy, albeit not by choice, to Deadpool.

Cable was a product of the 90s comic book surge. Because of the time period he came from, he received more pockets, pouches, guns, and muscles than any before and arguably after him. If you think about it, this only makes sense. When you carry around guns as big as he does, you need large pockets and pouches to hold the ammunition. 

Cable is one of the most popular characters in X-Men lore, and his popularity only climbed with Josh Brolin’s performance in Deadpool 2. 

3. Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd I Am The Law

“I am the law”. 

Judge Dredd is a Street Judge in the far-to-the-future place, Mega-City One. The street judges each possess the power to convict, sentence and execute those who break the law on site. Hence, “I am the law.”

What makes this particular Judge impressive is that he carries a “Lawgiver” pistol that has been programmed to recognize only his handprint. The “Lawgiver” is a weapon so powerful that the sight of it could make his enemies urinate themselves. The gun handles six different types of ammunition, a boot knife, a daystick, and various types of grenades.

It get’s better…

He also rides around on a motorcycle known as a “Lawmaster”. The “Lawmaster” is equipped with machine guns, artificial intelligence that responds to only him, and a laser cannon.

If a character were judged on how great they are only by the guns they carry, Judge Dredd would win, hands down.

2. Deadpool


It should come as no surprise that Deadpool is on our superheroes who use guns list. As one of Marvel’s most popular characters…ever, Deadpool has gotten more ridiculous with age. This means that as he grows more ridiculous, so to do the weapons he carries.

Fox’s first Deadpool movie gave a great introduction to what the character is known for. He’s fouled mouthed, can heal from practically anything, knows that he is a comic book character, and most importantly, isn’t afraid to use a gun. The opening clip of the movie showcased exactly how proficient he is with guns (remember, he put a bullet through three heads at the same time) and never let the audience forget it. 

Deadpool and guns just sound right. The two are like wings and hot sauce in that and one shouldn’t be without the other. 

1. The Punisher


Is there any character as widely known for gun use as The Punisher? Frank Castle is a war veteran who tries to return to civilian life. He may have been able to do this had his family not been in the crossfire of a mob war. With his wife and children murdered, Frank tries to adhere to the justice system only to have it fail him. This causes him to become a vigilante and unleash brutal justice on all forms of scum. 

Frank’s methods are extreme and always involve killing those whom he targets. While this is extremely efficient, his ways cause a rift between him and traditional heroes. While they applaud him for targeting criminals, normal heroes do not condone the methods by which he does so.

Frank and guns go together. Even his first appearance in comics (Amazing Spider-Man 129) shows this on its cover. The Punisher should be on this list and every other list like it. He is everything a gun-wielding comic book character should aspire to be…and more. Of all the superheroes who use guns, The Punisher is their best example. 

And that’s it. The top 10 superheroes who use guns. What did you think? Did I miss any superheroes who use guns? Are there some superheroes who use guns that you would include? Let me know below.

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