Top 10 Superheroes Who Wear Glasses (Marvel & DC)

clark kent with glasses

Just because you’re a superhero doesn’t mean that your immune from wearing glasses. No, not even close. If you took a minute and searched superheroes who wear glasses, you’d be surprised to see that there’s a huge amount of them that do. With so many superheroes who wear glasses, it’s impossible to know exactly who is the best of them. I mean, with hundreds to choose from, it’s difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint who is the best of them…which is exactly why we’re here. After hours of scouring comic books trading cards, the internet, and forums, we’ve found the 10 best superheroes who wear glasses. And here they are…

10. Carrie Kelley

Carrie Kelley

If you don’t know who Carrie Kelley is, she’s the Robin in Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. When first introduced, Carrie was, shall we say, a little lackluster. She wasn’t highly trained, skilled, intelligent, or any of the other qualities that Robin has come to be known by. By all accounts, she shouldn’t have even been allowed to be Robin…but she was.

And why? What Carrie lacked in skill, training, and intelligence, she more than made up for in her commitment. If beaten in battle, Carrie simply went back home, learned from her mistakes, and designed a new way to walk away as the victor. Due to this, very few of the Robins can lay claim to being as resilient as Carrie. And she wears glasses.

9. Beast


You’d be hard-pressed to catch Beast wearing his glasses while engaged in battle. After all, they don’t really make him stronger, more agile, quicker, or more durable. When he’s in his laboratory, however, it’s a different story. 

Beast commonly wears a set of glasses when working on a computer, in front of a microscope, behind heavy machinery, or anything like these. I’m not so sure that he actually needs them. Instead, I think he wears them because they complete the stereotypical look of the scientist that he naturally is. Even though at first glance, they may look out of place, there’s something inherently satisfying about seeing them on his furry face. 

8. Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop Hawkeye Origin

A relative newcomer to the world of comic books, Kate Bishop is known for a few things. First, she took up the mantle of Hawkeye when Clint Barton couldn’t/wouldn’t. Second, she helped launched the Young Avengers. And third, she wears a really awesome pair of sunglasses.


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Kate, like Clint, doesn’t actually need to wear sunglasses. She wears them, again like Clint, to reduce glare and enhance her already really a good sight. Kate is one of the foremost marksmen in all of comics and can hit any target moving or not. Her accuracy is so great that she has, on occasion, proven herself to be a better shot than Hawkeye. 

7. Green Arrow

Green Arrow - The Longbow Hunters

To the surprise of no one, I’ve placed another marksman on this list of superheroes who wear glasses. Oliver Queen is one of, if not the best shot in all of DC Comics. Just look at this. His efficiency with a bow and arrow is so great that he can shoot and reload an arrow in 2.5 seconds. He has shot an arrow and hit a drop of water coming out from a faucet.

And he knows how to ricochet his arrows off of walls and other objects. Green Arrow is so accurate with his shooting that many, Batman included, have thought that he is a Meta-Human. Like many other marksmen, he doesn’t wear glasses because he has to. Instead, he wears them to help with his aim.

6. Kitty Pryde

History of Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is one of the most important X-Men to have ever been created. Not only does she possess a power set that only a handful have, but she has also stood tall against discrimination. Kitty Pryde does not have a power that grants her super strength, speed, durability, or the like. Instead, her power gives her the ability to walk through things and to disrupt electrical objects.

This means that rather than being an offensive superhero, Kitty is a defensive superhero. As for glasses, she doesn’t wear them all the time. She wears them when walking around the various schools she teaches at.

5. She-Hulk

She-Hulk Origin

As the cousin of Bruce Banner and having received a blood transfusion from him, Jennifer Walters is incredibly powerful. She’s so powerful that she can lift in excess of 85 tons, beat the likes of Thing, Thor, and Hercules in battle, and stand strong against the Hulk.

When not She-Hulk, Jennifer is a lawyer and a great one at that. If you’re wondering how this is so, Jennifer can control when she turns to the She-Hulk and when she turns back. In truth, Jennifer has such control that while in She-Hulk form, she retains her intelligence and calm demeanor. When it comes to wearing glasses, she has been known to rock them in both her She-Hulk and human forms.

4. Daredevil

Things That You Need To Know About Daredevil

Different from all the other superheroes who wear glasses, Daredevil wears them to hide his eyes from the world around him. When he was young and before he was Daredevil, Matt Murdock was in a terrible accident. As a result of the accident, Matt was left without sight. Although this may seem tragic, understand that when he lost his sight, all of his other senses were heightened.


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In fact, with his senses heightened, Matt actually developed a unique way of seeing. After learning to use his senses, Matt took to the streets as Daredevil. As Daredevil, he has taken it upon himself to clean up Hell’s Kitchen.

3. Oracle

DC Oracle

For those who don’t know, Oracle is the creation of Kim Yale and John Ostrander. After the events of The Killing Joke, Barbara Gordon was left as a paraplegic. Instead of seeing her situation in a negative light, Yale and Ostrander saw it in a positive light. The two took Barbara, put her in front of as many computers as possible, and transformed her into the watchful eye of the DC superheroes. 

Oracle changed Barbara. Instead of fighting a single villain at a time, Barbara was able to fight every villain on Earth at once. The persona forced Barbara to tap into her expansive knowledge of science, her photographic memory, high intelligence, and every superhero connection around the globe…and she did it wearing glasses. 

2. Superman

All Star Superman

Although it seems stupid that the world’s greatest superhero is one of the superheroes who wear glasses, Superman does belong on this list. For all intents and purposes, Superman does not need glasses. His eyes are more than perfect. Not only do they give him x-ray vision and heat vision, but they also allow him to shoot lasers and more. 

So, why then does he need them? Simple. When not saving the world as Superman, he uses them as Clark Kent to disguise his alter ego. If you’re thinking that this is a terrible disguise, I agree. Nonetheless, he uses them and there has to be included.

1. Cyclops


Oh, Cyclops. Why do you cause such a divide among X-Men fans? One day you’re the inspirational leader of the X-Men and the next you’re the most hated mutant in the world. No matter what you think of Cyclops, he is one of my superheroes who wear glasses. His glasses, however, are not because he has poor vision or a high sense of fashion.

Cyclops wears his glasses because he has to. Due to his mutation, Cyclops’ cells utilize the energy from the sun to create a concussive blast that shoots from his eyes. Without his glasses, his eyes could and would blast a hole the size of a small city right through the planet. 

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