‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Ep 1: Recap & Ending Explained

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Welcome to the ending explained for Superman & Lois‘ first episode of season three. After a world-breaking fight we witnessed in the finale of season 2, fans are justifiably expecting the most exciting season this far. In the season 2 finale Superman battles Ally and manages to put a stop to the merging of worlds, Steel figures out that Intergang is responsible for the murder of Earth’s Johny Henry Irons, and Lois reveals Superman’s secret to Chrissy Beppo.

What’s more, we’ve found out that Tal-Rho might replace Superman as the Bizzaro version of Superman, and Clark Kent builds another Fortress of Solitude, this time open to the whole family. Now that we’ve given you a brief summary of what happened in the latest season’s finale let’s dig into Episode 1 of Season 3.

A new Fortress of Solitude has been built for the whole Kent family

The third season opens up with Lois narrating the events that came to pass. Jordan, Jonathan, Lois, and Clark are standing in the Fortress of Solitude. Lois reveals that 27 days have passed since the crisis, and things are slowly returning to normal but becoming better at the same time.

Superman and Lois Season 3 fortress of solitude for the whole family

Lois likewise reveals to Clark that she will be going to Metropolis to investigate Bruno Manheim and the Intergang despite Clark warning her about it. It seems that Intergang will get much of this season’s focus in terms of villainy.

In the next scene, we can see Clark and Jordan racing to reach the Fortress of solitude, with Clark complimenting Jordan’s developing Kryptonian powers. Meanwhile, Sam Lane tries to connect with Nat Irons, who would have been his granddaughter at Earth-TUD22.

Even though the love between Lois and Superman has never been stronger, the same cannot be said for Lana Lang and her husband Kyle, as it’s revealed that she still hasn’t signed the divorce paper. She claims it’s due to a lack of time, but Kyle suspects something else might be at play here. Just as Lana is about to explain herself, she is interrupted by something that is happening at the high school.


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Jordan Kent is out of control as he decides to ignore his father’s orders

Back at the Gazette, Chrissy sends Clark to likewise investigate what’s happening at the high school, but he realizes there is another, more urgent crisis to settle. A construction crane is in danger of breaking off from the main building. Clark, in his Superman getup rushes to save it but sees that Jordan has beaten him to it. Jordan tries to save the day and uses his heat vision to break the parts of the construction platform, something that might have ended up horrifically for everyone in the vicinity.

Jordan Kent using his powers

Clark rushes to balance the parts that are breaking off and ultimately deals with the situation. Back at the Fortress of Solitude, he lectures Jordan about the importance of following his orders and the fact that he almost revealed himself to the world for everyone to see. Besides, by “helping” with his unstable powers and lack of experience, he endangered more people than he realized. Clark now rushes to clear up the problem in the High School, but it turns out that it’s a black mold problem that the town might struggle to repair due to the lack of funds.

Lois Lane finds out that she might be pregnant

Meanwhile, Lois Lane made her way to Metropolis Hospital. She got in touch with John Henry Irons’ sister, and despite her objections, she revealed to Lois that John Henry dishonored his military duty and the family name by selling weapons to Lex Luthor and Bruno Manheim. Before leaving, Dr. Irons reveals to Lois Lane that she might be pregnant due to the symptoms that she has been experiencing lately, but she needs to run more tests. Lois reveals this to Superman, and he reacts with shock, just like her but tries to reassure her that everything will be alright.

Dr. Irons John Irons sister Superman and Lois Season 3 episode 1

Nate Irons learns that Sam Lane had ulterior motives when he invited her to the movies. He didn’t try to get to know her better. Instead, he attempted to talk her into joining D.O.D., something that upset her and disappointed her greatly.

Back at the Kent home, Clark and Lois are setting up a 16th birthday party for Jonathan and Jordan, with Jonathan happy due to passing his driver’s test and finally doing something right. Seeing Jonathan so happy cements Lois’ excitement when it comes to the potential new baby.

At the party, John confronts Sam about the fact that he tried to talk Nat into joining D.O.D. Sam was way out of limits, and John pointed out that it broke Nat’s heart. Sam is apologetic, but enough damage was done, and his relationship with his “granddaughter” might never recover.

Atom Man returns with style revealing new dangers to worry about and new villains

Clark Kent has to leave the birthday party because an incident is taking place in Metropolis. Upon arrival, he sees fire, destruction, and chaos as people are running for their lives. The source of chaos turns out to be Henry Miller, aka Atom Man. Clark is surprised to see that Atom Man has superhuman powers as the two engage in a fight.

Atom man vs Superman superman and lois season 3 episode 1

Clark wants to know who is responsible for giving him the powers, but Henry is reluctant to share the info and is very cryptic about it.

Meanwhile, back at Smallville, despite Jordan hearing that Clark is in trouble, he decides not to get involved in a fight, respecting his father’s wishes.

Before Atom Man seriously injures Clark, he is seemingly killed by a barrage of bullets. Clark is surprised at this turn of events, and upon further inspection, he can see that there are no bullets on Henry’s body. At that moment, he becomes aware of a presence, and another villainous figure with bizarre looks appears. Fans of the comics might notice that the villain in question is Onomatopoeia, a serial killer with sonic-based powers.

Onomatopoeia superman and lois show new villain

At that moment, Superman realizes that Onomatopoeia is able to mess with his hearing and that the chaos that he hears around him is not truly real.

Back at the party, Lana has a confrontation with George. They get into a fight because of the funds needed to eradicate black mold. George says that Lana is way out of line and meddles in things that she can’t understand. George’s tantrum is stopped by John Henry Irons, who warns him that he should leave.


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Speaking of complicated relationships, Kyle and Chrissy are both in bad places right now, and their personal lives are further complicated because they have slept together following a heartfelt conversation about loneliness in Kent’s kitchen. Just as Chrissy and Kyle wake up, Lana arrives at his front door, bringing him the signed divorce papers.

The mystery of Henry’s release and his powers reaches a new turn of events

After a brief research, Lois reveals to Clark that the reason why Henry Miller was outside of prison was the fact that he had a brain tumor. He has been given a release due to his deteriorating medical condition. It’s also revealed that he was out of prison three months ago, which means that he had to gain his powers during that time period when he was released and before his final confrontation with Superman.

Why atom man was released from prison

Lois is likewise contacted by Dr. Irons, who informs her that she is not pregnant, but her symptoms are worrying, and she should attend additional testing until the cause of her ailments can be identified.

In the final scenes of the episode, we see Bruno Manheim in a makeshift underground laboratory trying to revive Atom Man. Since Bruno Manheim has enough resources to revive Atom Man, he is most likely the individual behind his powers as well. It’s also pretty obvious that he is behind Onomatopoeia’s powers as well.

Brun Manheim Superman and Lois season 3

All in all, season 3 of Superman & Lois started with a lot of potential, introducing the new cast of villains as well as new family problems that Kents will have to overcome. To find out what Manheim’s role is in creating superpowered humans in Metropolis and what is Lois’ mysterious disease we’ll have to wait until March 21, when the second episode of season 3 airs on CW.

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