Supreme Intelligence: Bio, Origin & History

Supreme Intelligence Origin

Real Name: N/A

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #65 (August, 1967)

Powers: High level intelligence made from the minds of the greatest Kree. Pre and post cognition. Telepathy. Telekinesis. Energy manipulation.

Affiliation: Kree

Did You Know? The Supreme Intelligence was created by the Kree to act as their leader

A Little History

First appearing inside the pages of Fantastic Four #65 back in 1967, the Supreme Intelligence was the creation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

The Supreme Intelligence is a computer being that possesses the combined intelligence of the greatest minds in Kree history. It was designed in such a way that not only does it possess the intelligence of past Kree, the minds, thoughts, and memories of current Kree also flow through it. To give it the intelligence of past Kree, at death they would have their brains harvested and then assimilated inside a computer. This has given the Supreme Intelligence an unrivaled way to sift through both past and present information. As a result, it can quickly deduce the best course of action in just about any circumstance. 

The Kree created the Supreme Intelligence so that it may show them how to create what their enemy, the Skrulls, already possessed…the Cosmic Cube. Once created, the being refused to help its race create the Cube citing that it would bring destruction down upon the Empire. Although furious, the Kree accepted this and allowed it to remain as their voice of guidance, eventually allowing it to become their ruler.

The Supreme Intelligence possesses intellect beyond measure. It has been said that it houses thousands of meters of circuitry collecting the minds of the smartest Kree throughout history. Although impressive, that alone isn’t what makes it dangerous.  It also possesses telepathy, telekinesis, and future prediction. Above those, it has precognition, post cognition, cosmic awareness, energy manipulation, and matter manipulation. It can also create three separate bodies from which it can gather information from. Finally, it’s so powerful tha it has been known to open portals to the Astral Plane.

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