Talia al Ghul: Bio, Origin & History

Talia al Ghul

Real Name: Talia al Ghul

First Appearance: Detective Comics #411 (May, 1971)

Powers: Immortality, Increased Stamina, Master Swordsman, Proficient in Unarmed Combat, and Wealth Beyond Imagination

Affiliation: League of Assassins, The Society

Love Interests: Bruce Wayne


Did You Know: Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne are the parents of Damian Wayne, the current Robin

A Little History

Talia al Ghul made her first appearance in the Silver Age of comics. During this time, she was portrayed as nothing more than a little girl who often helped her father.

In what is considered her true first appearance, Talia is seen being held by the evil Doctor Darrk. Luckily for her, Batman is on foot and tracking the Doctor. As he draws near, many members of the League of Assassins begin to assault him. The next we see him, he is being held captive, unmasked and not alone. Within moments he learns that he is in an abandoned Buddist Monastery and his co-captive is Talia al Ghul.

Before he can escape, he finds himself inside an arena and eye to eye with a bull. He easily dispatches the bull and turns his attention back to rescuing Talia. Unfortunately, before he is able to do so, Doctor Darrk reappears. Through the use of gas, Batman finds himself on the brink of defeat. Luckily, just as Darrk is about to deliver the killing blow, Talia al Ghul appears and shoots the Doctor, who then falls into an oncoming train.

As time passes, it is revealed that Talia is actually in love with Bruce Wayne. While this may seem great, understand that she is the daughter and heir to one of his greatest foes, Ras al Ghul.


Things became complicated (if they weren’t already) in 1987 during the Son of the Demon storyline. During this time, it is revealed that Talia and Bruce are actually married. This was made possible because where she comes from; the only consent required for marriage was that of the female.

The two quickly set out to consummate the marriage and a few short weeks later, she reveals that she is pregnant with Bruce’s child. This news provoked a change in Batman, and he suddenly desired nothing more than to protect Talia…even from her father.

In an effort to return things to “normal” Talia convinces him that she has miscarried his baby and is no longer pregnant. This, of course, is the furthest thing from the truth and many months later she gave birth to his son, Damian Wayne.

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