Talos The Untamed: Bio, Origin & History

Talos The Untamed

Real Name: Talos

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #418 (June, 1994)

Powers: Superhuman Strength and Durability

Affiliation: Skrull Empire

Did You Know: Talos the Untamed was born without the ability to shapeshift; a common Skrull ability

A Little History

Unlike most Skrulls, Talos the Untamed was born without the ability to shapeshift. This abnormality may have made lesser individuals fall but Talos used it as a way to prove his doubters wrong.

In an effort to compensate for being unable to shapeshift, Talos worked to become the most feared warrior in the history of the Skrulls. And he did. Through his hard work and dedication, Talos rose the ranks of the Skrull Empire.

His reputation and unwavering commitment to being the best caused him to be nicknamed Talos the Untamed.

This name, however, did not last. During the Kree/Skrull War, Talos was captured and taken prisoner. It is told that those Skrulls captured during times of war are to commit ritual suicide so as to not give any secrets away during interrogation. Talos would not do this and therefore upon being freed was given the name Talos the Tamed.

Once back with his people, he was given another opportunity to redeem himself. That is, he was given another opportunity to commit ritual suicide. This time, like the time before, he would not and did not go through with it.

Talos has appeared in many of the most famous Skrull-including stories. Some of these include Secret Invasion, Annihilation, and the Kree/Skrull War.

There are some stories like the two-part story that appeared in a run of the Incredible Hulk that sees Talos regain some of the respect he lost. Unfortunately, Talos has not and most likely will not rise to the power he once had.

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