The Teen Titans Costumes Have Arrived…And They Look Great

Teen Titans Costume Show

Good things come to those who wait. The overarching criticism to DC’s adaptation (aside from Fuck Batman) is the comic accurate costumes, or lack thereof, on its actors. Certainly, Robin, arguably the most important of the characters, is in his. But not Starfire. Not Raven. And not Beast Boy. Or, at least they aren’t if we don’t count the rainbow of colors on their collective heads.

Rest easy DC and Teen Titans fans, the costumes are here. In a photo released on DC Daily, all the above characters appear side-by-side and unified by their costumes. Starfire in purple. Raven in black. And Beast Boy in his trademark red striped garment.

The Teen Titans costumes look great.

Let’s take Anna Diop’s Starfire as an example. Earlier the actor revealed that she would appear on her costume. At the time, however, we weren’t certain how it would look. Seeing it for the first time makes me believe that I am actually looking at Kory Anders.

The costume, like the other two that had yet to appear, looks outstanding. From a background that resembles nothing close to designing clothes, I can say with semi-certainty that this was not easy to achieve.

Not so simple 

If history has taught us anything it’s that translating the look of flight from page to screen is no easy task. This is especially so in characters who don’t have wings. Not only does it often look odd and unbelievable, characters who can fly usually appear as though they shouldn’t. 

Costumes can make this transition easier. 

Starfire’s costume is a prime example. The costume is streamlined with the perfect balance of skintight, speed lines, and class. A costume like hers can always go either way. They can do exactly as they are supposed to do or epically fail. This one does exactly as it is supposed to do.

Without actually having watched an episode it’s tough to say how this look will translate into actually functioning. But I am confident that if its function aligns with its look, the villains of its universe will have their work cut out for them.



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