Thank You Ch​ris Evans, You Are Irreplacable and Will Be Missed

Thank You Chris Evans
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There is no denying the impact that Chris Evans has on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He, along with Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth launched what would become the most powerful production company on the planet. The three of them changed what it meant to make superheroes movies and because of it, the world is a safer place.

Each signed a contract that saw them complete a specified amount of movies as their character. For RDJ, the number was never really known. At various intervals in the process, he re-upped his contract again and again.

When Chris Hemsworth signed on, he signed on to play Thor six times. At the conclusion of the upcoming Avengers, he will have fulfilled his contract. Unlike the others, he does not wish to leave the MCU behind. In fact, he has gone on record saying that he would love to play Thor for as long as he’s needed.

Then there’s Chris Evans. At the conclusion of the fourth Avengers movie, his contract is done.

Over the course of 5 movies and 3 cameos, Chris Evans has squeezed himself into the Stars and Stripes for the betterment of all of us. He has done everything that we and the studio has asked him to. More than that, he has done it as true to the characters form as humanly possible.

He has visited hospitals, invited bullied children to movie premieres, and truly embodied what it meant to be Captain America. We couldn’t possibly ask more of him.

And we won’t

Through his Twitter account, Chris Evans sent out a message for any who wanted to hear. 

Chris Evans Thank You Tweet

“Officially wrapped up Avengers 4. It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role over the last 8 years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! Eternally grateful.”

There is a time in each of our lives when we must learn to let go and move on. A species without change is a dead species. Without change, there would be no fire, electricity, and democracy. Change is as essential to life as the air we breathe.


Chris Evans, as perfect as he is for the role, desires change. He wants to step out from in front of the camera and step behind it. He wants to spend time with his family. And he wants to do more with his life.

For this, we cannot fault him. What we can do is thank him. We can thank him for the tireless effort he put in at the gym. We can thank him for the hours upon hours of character study. And we can thank him for putting parts of his life on hold for the better part of 8 years.

So thank you Chris Evans. We appreciate you.

Chris Evans will be missed. He is Captain America. There is no doubt about these. However, with Marvel moving ahead with 20 more movies, the show must and will go on.

Chris Evans May have said that he is eternally grateful but so are we. We all owe a debt that can never be repaid. But that’s ok. I don’t believe he wants it repaid.

Twitter user SG Posters summed it up perfectly.

SG Posters Chris Evans

I can’t hammer this home any more … Thank you Chris Evans.



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