‘The Acolyte’ Already Showed Us Who The Stranger’s Sith Master Really Is as Evidence Mounts


In last week’s episode, ‘The Acolyte’ revealed the identity of Mae’s Sith Master, and to the disappointment of fans, it was Qimir. Not that Jacinto didn’t do a good job playing the role, it’s just that the twist was obvious to pretty much everybody.

According to Leslye Headland, the creator of the show, The Stranger’s identity was left obvious for a reason, since the true twist in the episode was the deaths of Yord and Jeckie.

Serving us The Stranger on a platter, the show likely has several more twists for us, and those twists don’t seem to be all that straightforward. The most common theories revolving around Qimir currently are that Master Sol is his father and that Qimir does indeed also have a Sith Master who has been training him. But, who might that master be?

CBR analyzed several clues from the episodes so far, and all evidence so far supports the theory that it’s Mother Korin. To be honest, a lot of fans expected Mother Korin to be the Stranger, but, she might yet reappear as a more powerful Sith Lord in the show.

The evidence to support that theory is as follows. First, although we did see the majority of the witch coven die and their dead bodies, including Mother Aniseya, we never saw Mother Korin’s dead body, this likely wasn’t done accidentally, and was the first clue.

Think about the fire overall, Mae can be seen starting the fire, but it spread suspiciously quickly and engulfed the witches’ settlement rather fast considering that pretty much everything was made out of stone.

It was possible that Korin herself actually planted the fire, meaning to eventually frame the Jedi stationed on the planet for attempting to “steal” Osha away. She lost control of the fire which led to the annihilation of her entire family, which would only further fuel the anger she felt toward the Jedi.

Mother Korin was also the one who manifested more hatred toward the Jedi order, and she also insisted that Aniseya’s parenting tactics were wrong. There’s also something that Mae mentioned in episode 5.

In the latest episode, it’s revealed that The Stranger possesses the ability to enter minds and take control. This ability reminds Osha of her mother, Aniseya, who demonstrated similar powers in an earlier episode by briefly controlling Torbin. While Aniseya may be deceased, she could have passed this ability to Mother Koril, a fellow coven member who practices the Force. If Mother Koril is indeed alive and secretly serving as the true Sith master, she might have taught The Stranger these powers.

The last piece of evidence that Qimir indeed has a master is the fact that he is desperate to have an apprentice, something he acknowledged during his confrontation with Master Sol, and he is clearly desperate to get either Osha or Mae.

Perhaps he recognized that the only way in which he could “deal” with his master was by having an apprentice at his side, or he believed that his Master was not willing to share all the powers that the Witches of Brendok practiced, so he needs the second best thing he can get, their trainees. There’s also a possibility that due to his potential connection to Korin, he knows Mae’s and Osha’s true origin and aims to study them to unlock the power for himself.

No matter whether you agree with the theory or not, we will likely see Koril again. Leslye Headland said that the show’s episodes 6 and 8 will have major clues in Qimir’s past, despite being told from Osha’s perspective this also leads us to believe that The Stranger’s past is in one way or another connected to Osha’s.

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