‘The Acolyte’ Episode 6 Dissapoints Fans Yet Again in All But One Aspect – Fans Are “Hot” for Star Wars’ Newest Sith Lord


Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’ was released today, and I have to admit that it was honestly as we predicted it to be last week – boring. Pretty much nothing happened yet again, except for a few thrown breadcrumbs.

Osha is stuck with Qimir, who after a few raunchy scenes reveals that he used to be a Jedi. He tempts her with power overwhelming if she utilizes her anger, sadness, lust, etc. which she recognizes as the path to the dark side.

Osha had the opportunity to strike him down but chose not to, she also in a moment of anger admitted that she failed as a Jedi and that’s why she left the order. At the end of the episode, we see her putting on Qimir’s cortosis helmet.

On the opposite side, we have Mae and Sol. Mae is under the impression that Sol has no idea who she is, while she plots how to take him down. Sol sends a message to Master Vernestra Rwoh, but he has communication issues. Somewhere down the line, Mae pleads with Sol to tell her everything about that night on Brendok that left her an orphan and seemingly this is when Sol realizes that it’s been Mae all along, or was it the fact that she hat to reset her droid or Bazil?

In any case, Mae is imprisoned and Sol in a somewhat threatening way says that he is going to tell the Jedi council everything, teasing some juicy secrets from the past. At the same time, Rwoh arrives to Khofar and she finds the bloodshed left following the Jedi confrontation with Qimir. One of the Jedi accompanying her suggests that perhaps Master Sol has fallen, she is willing to entertain the thought but needs solid evidence.

We also see her using her lightwhip for the first time. This is pretty much the whole episode, with no action, weird dialogues, and lots of teasing that will give rise to some interesting theories. Especially when it comes to the “power of two” and Qimir’s Jedi background combined with his scars that appear to be from the whip.

With so few things to actually watch on the screen except for walking from point a to point b, it’s no wonder that fans focused on Qimir’s physique.

Yes the latest Sith Lord has several raunchy scenes in the episode and fans went insane, well that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but the whole X is talking about it…so, you get what I mean.

Apparently, there’s also a large number of fans that are now shipping Qimir and Osha, and I’ve seen traces of first smut and fan fiction being written online. It’s Rey-Kylo Ren situation all over again, except this time, it doesn’t feel as forced.

Here are some reactions to the episode, and you can see which scenes fans liked the most.

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It seems that we’re going to have to remind a lot of people that Qimir killed a kid in the last episode. In any case, that’s this week’s rundown on the episode and the reactions. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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