‘The Acolyte’ Finally Shows Wookiee Jedi Action but Ultimately Raises Some Additional Questions


The penultimate episode of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ ended up being yet another flashback episode. It’s the retelling of episode 3 but told from the perspective of the Jedi.

Fans have been disappointed by the episode mostly due to the show outright showing the Jedi as irresponsible and highly irrational bad guys. But there were some high points.

Remember in Episode 4 when Kelnacca was killed off-screen and one of the writers explained that his fight scene didn’t make it into the show due to budget constraints and ultimately breaking POV? Well, the show somewhat redeemed itself as we’ve finally seen Kelnacca in action – but not how we expected.

Toward the end of the episode, The Jedi infiltrate the fortress where the witches of Brendok live, and following a massive misunderstanding, Sol kills Mother Aniseya which leads to an all-out fight.

At one point the witches of Brendok infiltrate Kelnacca’s mind, taking him over and leading him to fight against his Jedi comrades. He attacks with his full might until Indarra reaches him and manages to break the witches’ hold on his mind.

Kelnacca’s portrayal of the highly dangerous opponent is accurate. Despite being perceived as primitive, the Wookiees have highly advanced civilization and are quite dangerous warriors, however not a lot of them end up being trained as Jedi, which is why fans have been waiting for decades to finally see Wookiee Jedi in live-action.

As it turns out, Wookiee trained as a Jedi is so powerful he can easily keep multiple Jedi “occupied” during the fight, and if Indarra did not break the hold on his mind, he would most likely end up killing all of them.

But, there are some weird things surrounding that whole situation. The show did finally reveal the mystery of the strange drawings found in Kelnacca’s cabin on Khofar, as the Wookiee was likely haunted by the incident ever since, just like Torbin was.

The show however did not explain why Kelnacca was “the easiest” target to manipulate by the witches. After all, Torbin, Indarra, and especially Sol showcased that their minds are open to emotions, corruption, and impulsiveness. They would have been far easier to manipulate than the Wookiee, who was, as far as we know innocent and did not do anything wrong as far as we were able to see.

The show also did not properly showcase why the witches could withstand the force of Wookiee Jedi’s mind, but could not withstand the force of Master Indarra, as the whole fight seems like a case of “plot armor.”

I would be glad to say that it’s going to hopefully be answered in the final episode, but it most likely won’t be. The penultimate episode was wasted on a flashback which leaves the final episode to deal with many opened plot points.

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