‘The Acolyte’ Gets One More Gay Romance as Dafne Keen Confirms Her Character Has Feelings for Osha


‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ premiered several weeks ago, and it’s honestly been a mess. The show & story seem secondary as fans are tearing it apart due to the messages it promotes.

So far, the show has introduced several gay characters and one possibly non-binary character. You can argue that anything is possible in a Galaxy far away, and it’s nonsensical to even discuss the sexual orientation of the characters in the show that is not strictly about that, still, fans are protesting.

Episode 3 was highly controversial due to introducing a coven of witches who are capable of reproducing by using force, without men, the two “mothers” of Osha & Mae are also seemingly romantically involved. Then in episode 4, we see an awkward interaction between Dafne Keen’s Jecki Lon and Amandla Stenberg’s Osha. I say awkward beacuse the scene was intentionally written like that, with Jecki Lon displaying all of her teenage shyness, it seems that there’s a lot more behind her words than a pure fascination with Master Sol’s former Padawan.

Turns out, this is exactly what happened since in her latest interview with Decider, Dafne Keen confirmed that Jecki has feelings for Osha, sort of a crush.

I am so happy you asked that because this is my favorite question ever. I think, for Jeckie, it’s very confusing because as a Jedi you’re not allowed to have feelings for other people. […]And I think… I think she… Hehehe, I think she does, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I think she does.

Dafne also acknowledged that this is not something that Jedi should be feeling and that her character likely feels ashamed beacuse of it:

Jeckie’s such a young character. She’s an 18-year-old, but she’s not a normal 18-year-old. Like she hasn’t gone to school and she hasn’t had interactions with other like people. So it’s her first real experience, I think, of those kinds of feelings and almost the guilt and confusion that comes with it. She’s such a controlled, like self-judging, like perfect student, that I think it’s also almost self-hatred that comes from having those feelings and the kind of constriction, but also the inevitable magnetism that she has towards Osha because of that.

If the show develops this relationship further, it’s going to make fans mad, despite plenty of Jedi having “attachments” in both friendly and romantic ways.

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