‘The Acolyte’ Episode 5 Soundtrack Teases Link Between The Stranger and Kylo Ren


Disney’s latest Star Wars venture, The Acolyte, has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024. Despite controversies and review-bombing, the series remains a global sensation, captivating fans with each new episode. Recent developments suggest a course correction with Episode 5, currently the most discussed piece of television. This episode unveiled intriguing details about the world of The Acolyte, eliciting mixed reactions from viewers.

Notably, the episode’s conclusion featured an intriguing musical cue: Kylo Ren’s theme from the Sequel Trilogy. While the timelines don’t align for Kylo Ren to appear, some speculate this music hints at a connection between The Acolyte‘s antagonist and the enigmatic Knights of Ren.

This information originates from a Twitter post, so it’s advisable to approach it with skepticism, as it currently stands as a fan theory that may or may not prove accurate as the series progresses. While it remains speculative for now, we’ve delved into it to provide an analysis. Here’s where the discussion began:

As per the theory, there’s a suggestion that The Master (or The Stranger, or Qimir) has ties to the Knights of Ren. Recall, the Knights of Ren were a faction of Dark Side adherents following the Ren philosophy. While Kylo Ren was their notable figure, this discussion isn’t about him.

The theory posits that the music heard suggests The Stranger has a connection to the Knights of Ren. While not a member, could he be the originator of their philosophical principles? Might he be the wielder of Ren, the lightsaber central to their creed? The Knights of Ren emerged during the Empire’s era and gained prominence later, so while there’s no direct link, could he be linked to Ren, the philosophy’s founder?

The Ren philosophy predates the Knights of Ren, offering a fresh narrative opportunity within the Star Wars canon. The Stranger’s appearance strongly suggests a connection to the Knights of Ren, raising the possibility that he is somehow linked to their origins. He might be an early proponent of their ideology, the original wielder of the Ren lightsaber, or possibly related to the human known as Ren. His appearance could also explain the faction’s affinity for helmets and masks.

However, establishing a link between The Stranger and the Knights of Ren requires extensive world-building from The Acolyte writers. They would need to explain how this group survived from the Republic through the Empire’s height without ever being mentioned, even by Palpatine, known for his omniscience. Addressing this potential oversight will be crucial if the theory proves accurate.

Nevertheless, there are bound to be plenty of thrilling moments ahead in The Acolyte, so stay tuned with us for further news and updates!

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