‘The Boys’ Counter Review-Bombers with Vought’s New Browser – Browser!


The Boys Season 4 premiered on June 13, 2024, with its first three episodes, continuing to captivate audiences as it approaches its penultimate season. The season holds a Certified Fresh rating with high acclaim, accompanied by increased viewership reported by Amazon. Despite its success, some fans are review-bombing the season due to its heightened political undertones, reflecting the show’s bold commitment to political satire. We’ve covered statements from showrunner Eric Kripke regarding this season’s politics and his response to the review-bombing.

Interestingly, The Boys show little concern for the review-bombers and have taken a brilliantly humorous approach to the situation. They’ve released a promotional video that cleverly mocks these critics and their methods.

As you may be aware, Vought International, the fictional company from the series, maintains its own Twitter (now X) account where it occasionally shares tweets and content, adding a delightfully meta layer to the series. Recently, we covered their Juneteenth celebration, and now we have another video update for you:

In the series, Ashley Battett, now CEO of Vought International, introduces a new product: a collaboration with Opera resulting in a new browser simply named Browser. This browser promises enhanced surfing speed and online security, with the caveat that Vought will have access to all user data. However, this ensures that other entities won’t have access—though the identities of these “others” remain undisclosed.

The video cleverly plays on the paranoia of right-wing extremists who fear constant surveillance by unspecified entities. With Browser, users can browse anonymously—except for Vought and Homelander, of course. This means you can watch videos or engage in activities privately, like review-bombing shows, without detection—except by Homelander.

Doesn’t it seem safe?

This move by the producers is pure trolling brilliance, and we’re absolutely here for it. It highlights two things: The Boys’ status as one of the boldest shows ever made, and their indifference to the concerns of review-bombers. As Kripke recently stated, “I have a perspective and I’m not shy about expressing it in the show. If anyone wants to label the show as ‘woke’ or anything else, that’s fine. They can go watch something else. But I won’t hold back or apologize for what we’re doing.”

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