‘The Boys’ See Almost No Drop in Viewership Week Over Week According To the Latest Data


‘The Boys’ Season 4 debuted several weeks ago to exceptional critical reception. It was initially “review-bombed” by fans, due to its increased political messaging, something that Kripke, the show’s creator outright admitted.

Despite the backlash, Amazon reported highest-ever numbers when it comes to viewership, but it seems that in the last few weeks, that growth has slowed down and gone negative. Luminate data related to “minutes-watched” provided by Variety reported a 32% viewership drop in terms of “minutes-watched,” but the show still remained in the top 5 most popular shows currently.

This week the show has reported a 5% drop in “minutes watched and is no longer in the top 5 of the most popular shows currently, slipping to 7th position.

Now some of the reasons why this happened are pretty obvious, ‘Bridgerton’ itself lost quite a lot of viewers despite holding the first place in the last several weeks. There was also the release of ‘The Bear’ which is currently the most popular and the most talked about show. After the initial spike in viewership, almost all shows see a steady decline in viewers as the weeks pass by, as some people give up on the show altogether, and some wait for all episodes to be released to binge-watch.

‘The Boys’ is still going strong judging by social media clamor, especially following the release of this week’s episode, and I’m confident that a lot of fans who left the show will return next week and these numbers will look a bit better compared to the last 14 days.

Now, let’s talk about some highly subjective reasons why ‘The Boys’ seems to be losing viewers, I need to preface it that this is my personal opinion and just something that I’ve noticed on social media, following fan reactions to the show.

Season 4 so far seems to be highly rehashing themes from prior seasons but with an escalated shock value. It follows the same recipe: Homelander is put up front as the biggest threat, but no one seems to be doing anything to actually stop him, focusing on side villains who serve as cannon fodder since it’s too early in the show to actually kill Homelander.

We have Butcher whose brutal methods get him kicked off the team only for the rest of the team to agree somewhere along the way that they need Butcher’s calculated and sociopathic approach, aaand he is back again.

One of the members of ‘The Seven’ has a change of heart and wants to directly or indirectly help out the Boys, only for the character to be given a farewell in the season finale.

Insert one character that Butcher collaborates with behind the team’s back.

Hughie does something stupid learns a valuable lesson, and goes on a family-related mission, only for that lesson to be forgotten by the season’s end. We’re watching seasons 1-2-3 all over again but with more shocking scenes, more political commentary, and more gore overall.

This season seems like it’s trying too hard in every single aspect, except where it counts – making the story interesting. But as I’ve said this is just a personal opinion, and you’re welcome to debate me in the comments, as always.

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