‘The Boys’ Season 4 Marks the Show’s First Season with a Negative Audience Rating: What Led to This?


The fourth season of ‘The Boys‘ premiered on June 13, 2024, with its initial three episodes. Early critic reviews described the season as decent, though initial scores were not as high as previous seasons. However, over time, the season’s ratings have significantly improved, now achieving a Certified Fresh rating of 95%, which is impressive. Despite critical acclaim, there remains a notable divide among fans, with the fourth season marking the first instance of ‘The Boys’ receiving a negative audience rating of 49% at the time of writing. In this analysis, we delve into these contrasting perspectives.

As of June 13, 2024, ‘The Boys” fourth season is available on Amazon Prime, comprising eight episodes that continue the narrative from Season 3. The first three episodes debuted on June 13, with subsequent episodes scheduled for weekly release on the platform.

As previously reported, critics have been impressed with the season. According to the current critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes: “Boxing in the political arena with a bloodied smile, ‘The Boys” fourth season is grim and even a little glum while holding up a cracked mirror towards modern society.” The show’s emphasis on social and political commentary has intensified compared to previous seasons, which is likely why critics have responded positively. Positive reviews have highlighted the following points:

“Showrunner Eric Kripke’s creative team gives the expected stuff fresh, urgent spins, even if they can’t prevent some plot beats from seeming familiar. What’s key, though, is how we’re constantly surprised by new, deeper emotional dimensions.”

Bob Strauss, The Wrap

“It’s mostly impressive how deftly “The Boys’” dramatic side balances its many arcs, while the black comedy’s demented inventiveness helps distract from any lingering deficiencies.”

Ben Travers, IndieWire

“As sharp as anything on television—not to mention as outrageous as ever, its satire infused with trademark X-rated explicitness.”

Nick Schager, The Daily Beast

However, as mentioned earlier, fan reactions haven’t been as favorable, and Season 4 currently holds the distinction of being the only season of ‘The Boys’ with a negative audience score, standing at just 49% at the time of writing. Reviewing these scores on Rotten Tomatoes reveals many claims that the series has deteriorated and become unwatchable.

It’s important to note that verifying whether someone has actually watched the show is impossible, and instances of review bombing occur when some viewers object to the show’s ideological content. Many fans are critical of “The Message” in the series, especially as Season 4 delves deeper into politics and toxic masculinity, despite ‘The Boys’ always being a political satire. Showrunner Kripke’s decision to heighten this aspect in the latest season has sparked controversy, although it’s a creative choice that some appreciate.

It appears that the majority of dissatisfaction stems from the show’s increased political tone, whether due to viewers believing the series shouldn’t delve into politics or disagreeing with its political stances. Additionally, certain character-related decisions have sparked controversy among fans, although these factors typically have a minor impact on overall ratings.

While we understand that some fans are displeased with the show’s current direction, it appears that many of the negative reviews are largely based on ideological differences. It will be interesting to see how opinions evolve in the coming weeks as more episodes are released!

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