The Enchantress: Bio, Origin & History

The Enchantress

Real Name: June Moone

First Appearance: Strange Adventures #187 (April, 1966)

Powers: Unlimited Magical Powers, Energy Projection and Manipulation, Illusion Casting and all other magic things

AffiliationSuicide Squad, Sentinels of Magic, Justice League Dark

Enemies: Batman, Supergirl

Did You Know: The Enchantress and its host body, June Moone are two separate entities

A Little History

June Moone (The Enchantress) is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.

In her first appearance, June Moone and her boyfriend were traveling to a Halloween party. A griffin and a gargoyle suddenly appeared but the two cast it off as simple costumes at the party.

After they arrived and an unknown struck a gong, bizarre events started to unravel. The striking caused an image of a minotaur on a nearby tapestry to begin glowing. June, who was no longer at her boyfriend’s side, fell into a secret panel upon a wall. When she stood, she was confronted by a number of frightening figures. One of the figures was a large Red Head. The Red Head figure began to talk and told June that an evil had been awoken this night and that it was up to her to stop it.

It instructed her to utter the words “The Enchantress”.

When she did this, her appearance changed and she gained magical power unseen before. She then walked through a wall to find that the guests were in a frenzy trying to escape. The vibrations of the guests banging on the walls and door threatened to make the roof collapse so June called upon a spell to make a nearby suit of armor grow to hold it up.

She then turned to escorting the guests to safety but before she could, the hands of the minotaur emerged from the tapestry and began to attack the guests. The Enchantress quickly disposed of the creature and realized that it was the striking of the gong that brought the evil on the castle. With a second strike, The Enchantress banished the creatures and all the magic involved.

After the guests were safely outside, The Enchantress reverted back to June. She then realized that the effects that she had while in her other form disappeared when not in that form.

By 1987, June had joined the Suicide Squad because its leaders had convinced June that they could help her control the evil within. Now a member of the squad, it was revealed that June and The Enchantress are, in fact, two different entities who do not share memories.

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