The Flash: Bio, Origin & History

The Flash - Barry Allen

Real Name: Barry Allen

First Appearance: Showcase #4 (October, 1956)

Powers: Superhuman Speed

Affiliation: Justice League

Love Interests: Iris

Enemies:  Captain Boomerang, Cold Captain and many more

Did you know: There was a Flash named Jay Garrick that made his debut in Flash Comics #1 in 1940, more than 15 years before Barry Allen.

A Little History

While working a late night in his lab, a lightning bolt struck down, hitting Barry and sending him into a pile of chemicals. The chemicals along with the lightning triggered a change in Barry. While not noticed at first, Barry began to slowly realize that the accident had given him Super Speed. On top of Super Speed, Barry could now visualize the world around him in slow-motion, enabling him to react to things a split second after they happened.

He realized the potential of his powers when he was able to save his girlfriend, Iris, from some bullets that had been shot her way. Barry, not one to let someone shoot his girlfriend took off in pursuit of the man who shot the gun.

With his first villain caught and his signature red outfit on, The Flash was born.

A slight change happened to his story in 1988 when Barry Allen (before The Flash) was inherently slow. So much that when Iris was taken hostage, Barry cursed the fact that he could not help her. At this precise moment, the aforementioned lightning bolt hit. Different from previous, a voice spook to Barry just as the bolt was about to touchdown.

The bolt told Barry to stay still, let the bolt hit him and he would gain the power he was looking for. Barry agreed.

In 2010, the Barry Allen story changed yet again. This time, it illustrated that his mother was murdered and his father was committed of the crime. Believing his father to be innocent, The Flash – Barry Allen pursued a career in Forensic Science.

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