‘The Flash’: New Official Trailer Revealed at CinemaCon


Two latest DCEU movies, Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of the Gods, both suffered disappointments at the box office, and the fans are already looking way forward to the beginning of DCU, a new cinematic universe that will serve as DCEU’s soft-reboot. But before that happens, there are three more DCEU movies left to be released, and we can only wait and see how DCEU will conclude and how commercially successful or unsuccessful those movies will be.

In June, we’re finally getting The Flash, a long-awaited movie that has gone through nine circles of development hell since it was first announced in 2014. We already know everything that happened and the whole series of unfortunate events that eventually led to DCEU’s closure and the hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran to develop a whole new universe when Warner Bros. Discovery decided there was no point in trying to save DCEU.

At Warner’s recent presentation at CinemaCon, The Flash movie was presented to the audience in its entirety, although it was reported that that cut of the movie wouldn’t necessarily be the final cut that will be released in theaters worldwide in June. For those who weren’t lucky enough to experience the whole movie at CinemaCon, WBD prepared the second official trailer, which you can watch below:

The Flash movie stars Ezra Miller, who will play the dual role of two Barry Allens. Sasha Calle will debut as Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, and Michael Keaton will return as Batman 31 years after he played the role for the last time in 1992’s Batman Returns. Michael Shannon will also reprise the role of General Zod from 2013’s Man of Steel.

The Flash is one of the most known DC characters ever created apart from the main trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman). Created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, Barry Allen first appeared in 1956, and he was the second character known as the Flash, after Jay Garrick, who was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert in 1940.

The Flash got its first live-action TV series in 1990, with John Wesley Shipp playing Barry Allen. The series ran for only one season on CBS. In 2014, a reboot series starring Grant Gustin premiered on The CW and was set in the shared universe known as the Arrowverse. Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen’s father in the reboot series, but he also played Jack Garrick and reprised the role of Barry Allen from the 1990 series. The CW’s series is set to conclude this year after nine seasons on air.

When DCEU kicked off in 2013 with Man of Steel, a whole series of movies was announced, including The Flash and Justice League. Ezra Miller was cast as DCEU’s Barry Allen, and he debuted with a cameo role in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He also had a cameo in 2016’s Suicide Squad before he appeared in both Justice League in 2017 and Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021.

After years of developing, Miller finally got a chance to star in his own movie as the Flash, but a new set of problems occurred when Miller was arrested after he completed the filming. DC announced that the movie would be released and Miller would remain as the Flash, but it remains to be seen how and whether that will affect the movie’s success at the box office. And the fact that DCEU will end by the end of this year also isn’t helping at all.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash is set to be released on June 14, 2023.

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