‘The Flash’ Producer Confirms the Movie Has a Post-Credit Scene

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This June will be indeed a special month for the superhero genre fans. After years of anticipating, Marvel fans will finally get to experience the long-awaited ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,’ and DC fans will get to experience the even longer-awaited DCEU movie ‘The Flash.’ And if you’re a fan of both, all the better!

We’ve already got countless teases about the newest DCEU movie, from all the promotional material to first reactions from advanced screenings that have been full of praise. Some of those even called ‘The Flash’ one of the best DC movies ever made. One thing we haven’t heard from those first reactions are teases about the post-credit scenes, apparently because they weren’t shown on those advanced screenings. But now, the movie’s produced confirmed that the movie would indeed have a post-credit scene, which will apparently feature a big surprise.

Barbara Muschietti confirms ‘The Flash’ has a post-credit scene!

While talking about the upcoming movie with Canadian entertainment news show etalk (via DCVERSO), Barbara Muschietti confirmed that The Flash movie would feature a post-credit scene. Of course, she didn’t say anything about it specifically, but she teased it’s going to feature a big surprise for the fans.

“We can’t tease anything because they’re all great surprises.”

Barbara Muschietti for etalk


‘The Flash’ Director Talks About Ezra Miller’s Future as Barry Allen

It’s going to be pretty interesting to see where ‘The Flash’ post-credit scene would lead, considering that ‘The Flash’ is the third to last DCEU movie. However, James Gunn previously teased that the movie’s storyline and Barry Allen’s ability to time travel and create new timelines will be an important segment of setting up DCU, the upcoming soft-reboot cinematic universe that will replace DCEU.

After ‘The Flash’ hits theaters, only two DCEU movies are left to be released; ‘Blue Beetle’ and ‘Aquaman 2.’ Theoretically, all the title heroes of these last three movies could have a future in the upcoming DCU, but we’re still aren’t sure how much of the DCEU will be transferred to DCEU.

Some roles will remain with the same actors, and some of the roles will be recast. We don’t know what James Gunn and Peter Safran have in mind, but we’re definitely going to wait for the post-credit scene of ‘The Flash’ and hope it’ll give us a bit clearer picture of what we can expect from the DC future on the big screen. ‘Shazam Fury of the Gods’ also featured two post-credit scenes, but after the commercial flop of that movie, we aren’t sure if those cliffhangers will ever be resolved.

Barbara Muschietti produced the movie directed by her brother Andy. ‘The Flash’ movie is set to hit theaters worldwide on June 16, 2023.

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