‘The Flash’ Season 9 Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

‘The Flash’ Season 9 Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained
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We are closer to the end of the Arrowverse series The Flash, and the newest episode sees Team Flash return to their “normal lives” after dealing with Red Death. In episode 5, we find out that Iris is pregnant, Khione “miraculously” wakes up Mark from a coma, Chester and Allegra finally act on their feelings, and Joe and Cecile establish a compromise that will benefit their marriage and work life.

Episode 6, titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky,” seems like a filler episode, and it focuses on supporting characters and side stories established during season 9. While Barry and Iris prepare for their family life and addition to their family, some residents of Central City feel their luck being changed. If you are interested in the newest Flash episode recap, stay with us until the end, and of course, beware of spoilers.

Becky Sharpe’s luck turns into misfortune, and the murder investigation

Episode six of Flash starts with the return of a recurring character from season four of the show, a meta-human named Becky Sharpe, also known as Hazard. In the show, Becky died, but after the Crisis, she was resurrected, and her bad luck turned into good luck. At the beginning of the episode, we hear Becky narrate her life that is full of luck, everything is better in her life, and she finds the love of her life, Dom, who proposes to her.


However, over time, Becky realizes that bad luck has returned to hunt her, and it negatively starts impacting her life and everyone around her, including her fiancé. One day she returns home and stumbles upon her unconscious boyfriend lying in the middle of their apartment. Becky is shocked, but when the police arrive, she immediately becomes the main suspect.

Captain Kramer is on the case. After seeing suspicious circumstances around the attack on Dom and the “wobbly” case of Becky being the perpetrator, she calls Cecile to help Becky with the case.

In the meantime, Cecile arranges the time to spend the weekend with her family but still agrees to help Kramer with the Becky Sharpe case. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash see off Iris and Barry, who go on their “babymoon” to Coast City, to enjoy themselves before the baby is born. Allegra has problems at her apartment, and Chester offers to help her.

Mark insists on helping Khione discover her powers

Mark still can’t forget how Khione woke him from a coma and helped him recover from a near-death situation, and he insists that they investigate what kind of powers she has now that Barry and Iris are on their family retreat.

While Mark and Khione bond over their own investigation, Cecile realizes that Becky is truly innocent and reluctantly agrees to solve the case immediately despite her desire to be with her family. It doesn’t help that Kramer discovers a weapon, Becky’s broken heels. Cecile now has to work fast to prove Becky’s innocence.


She recruits Allegra to help her, and two of them go to Becky’s apartment, where the crime occurred. Allegra discovers a poker chip, which leads them to Dom’s brother and Becky’s future brother-in-law, Tony. He reveals that Dom has been hiding a gambling addiction that ruined his financial records. Becky can’t believe her fiancé would hide that from her, but Tony insists that’s the case.

Dom’s brother even gives Cecile and Allegra a lead where Dom spends his money, and the women stumble upon a pub that hosts gambling nights. However, while they try to investigate the place, goons attack Becky and try to kidnap her. Of course, Cecile tries to use her powers but fails, while Allegra manages to overpower the goons with the help of Becky.


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In S.T.A.R. Labs, Khione and Mark continue investigating which powers the woman has and recruit Chester to help them. Mark wants to know what happened when Khione kissed him, and when he realizes that she doesn’t have any cryogenic powers like Frost, he gets upset.

After encountering mysterious people, Cecile realizes she missed her train to visit her family. She expresses her sadness and frustration to Allegra, who sympathizes with the woman, especially since it’s Jenna’s birthday. Unfortunately, Becky hears the grievances and gets upset for bringing bad luck to everyone around her. She leaves but is kidnapped again by the same people. However, this time Allegra and Cecile cannot do anything to protect Becky, and the goons take the unlucky meta away.

Cecile struggles with being away from her family

While trying to find Becky’s whereabouts, Cecile tells Allegra that she cannot function normally since Joe and Jenna moved from Central City and sleeps in her office because she can’t handle being away from her family. In true good friend fashion, Allegra gives Cecile a pep talk about how amazing she is and encourages her to be a mother and a superhero, making her really badass.


Chester discovers that the device has dark matter and realizes that Becky’s engagement ring has dark matter crystals that bring her bad luck. Tony, Dom’s brother, is revealed to be a true bad guy in the episode, almost killing his brother, crippling debt, and a gambling addict.

With Chester’s help, Allegra and Cecile pinpoint the location of Becky’s whereabouts, where Tony uses the woman to get “lucky” in blackjack. Chester cuts the power at the bar, and Cecile uses her telekinesis and retrieves the ring from Becky’s hand. Finally, Becky’s life returns, and Tony is caught and taken to prison.

The case is solved, and Khione’s origins are revealed

The case is solved, the day is saved, and the trio goes to Cecile’s place and has a well-deserved dinner. Cecile realizes she couldn’t use her powers because she is burdened with the stress of being away from her family. 

becky 2

However, after talking with Allegra, her powers returned to normal. Eventually, Cecile invites Allegra to live with her; her situation at her place gets better, and besides a secure and comfortable place to stay, she will keep Cecile company. 

The episode’s ending sees Team Flash welcoming Iris and Barry home from their retreat, setting up a surprise baby shower for the couple. Eventually, Chester reveals to Mark and Khione that a woman isn’t a meta-human, nor a normal human being, which throws a wrench in Khione’s true origins. 


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In conclusion, this episode was relaxing if you compare it to the rest of the episodes of the season. The supporting characters of Team Flash are fleshed out more and have more screen time when Iris and Barry aren’t at the forefront. Frankly, it was alright; the return of Becky Sharp was refreshing, and seeing Cecile and Allegra doing their own thing made the episode interesting. It seems that the showrunners finally decided to use Danielle Panabaker’s character this season and started to lay the foundation for the big reveal of Khione’s origins. It looks interesting, but I’m personally not that invested. 

Khione’s introduction this season was rushed, and her character was underutilized, but we will wait and see what happens next. Overall, the episode was okay, with Becky Sharpe’s character being the best part. The final season 9 of The Flash will continue next week with a new episode titled “Wildest Dream.”

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