The Outsiders: Bio, Origin & History

The Outsiders

Name: The Outsiders

Founding Members: Batman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Katana, Halo, and Looker

First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #200 (July, 1983)

Created By: Mike Barr and Jim Aparo

Did You Know: Both Batman and Nightwing have led The Outsiders

A Little History

In 1983, Mike Barr and Jim Aparo decided to do something different in the realm of DC Comics. Instead of putting together a team of well-known heroes, the two took lesser-knowns, or by all accounts, rejects, paired them with Batman and had them work at the problems that were seen as too small for the Justice League. In short, they were able to perform the tasks that the Justice League could not do because of their need for political approval. This, of course, allowed them far more speed and freedom in their actions.

The team was formed in the fictional country of Markovia after it had been overwhelmed by war. It was put together after Batman’s request to have the Justice League come to the help of the people was refused by the League. They did this because they were ordered to stay away from the fighting. Disagreeing with the team, Batman and Black Lightning set out on their own to the country.

Upon arrival, the two immediately set out to free the captured Lucius Fox from the clutches of Baron Bedlam (who had killed the King of Markovia). While there, the two came across the others who would become members of the team.

  • Geo-Force – the King’s son who was given powers by Dr. Helga Jace to stop Baron Bedlam
  • Metamopho – searching for Dr. Jace so that they may help him with his powers
  • Katana – set out to kill the military commander of Markovia, General Karnz
  • Halo – found by Batman in the woods showing signs of light-based powers

Together, these four, along with Batman and Black Lightning came together to form The Outsiders and defeat Baron Bedlam. From there, they would see their capabilities as a team and remain together.

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