The Question Vic Sage: Bio, Origin & History

The Question Vic Sage

Real Name: Vic Sage

First Appearance: Blue Beetle #1 (June 1967)

Powers: Possesses genius level intellect. Skilled in martial arts and world class detective. 

Affiliation: Suicide Squad, Justice League, L.A.W.

Did You Know? Vic Sage is one of two people to become The Question

A Little History

Vic Sage, The Question was originally a property of Charlton Comics. In the 1980’s DC Comics acquired the characters of Charlton. This, of course, included The Question.

In his debut, Vic Sage was shown to be a morally ambiguous character. His morals translated in and out of his crimefighting life. As a journalist, Vic Sage has the tendency to use aggressive tactics to extract the information that he required.

While undergoing one investigation Vic came across Aristotle Rodor. Rodor told him that alongside Dr. Barby Twain, the two had developed a type of artificial skin. Pseudoderm, as it was called, was a bandage that was to be applied to wounds to help the healing process. Unfortunately, the Pseudoderm has to bond to the wound and on occasion the gas, in the bonding process, proved to be fatal.

The two, Twain and Rodor, agreed to stop their work on the project and parted ways. Or at least Rodor thought they had. Unbeknownst to him, Twain continued to produce the Pseudoderm and sell it into developing countries.

Rodor suggested that Vic Sage go after Twain and use the product as a way of covering up his identifiable face. Sage did end up catching and apprehending Twain. This victory proved to be twofold. Not only did it lay the foundation for The Question as a hero but Vic Sage was able to report the Pseudoderm story on his news broadcast.

What makes The Question special as a Silver Age character was that his method was ahead of the time. While characters like the Superman and Wonder Woman operated within the confines of right and wrong, The Question did not. His tactics were both ruthless and, well, questionable. 

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