My Top 5 Females in Marvel Comics

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Throughout comic book history, there have been numerous debates and discussions as to who the Best or Top Female Characters in the Marvel Universe.   There is a multitude of characters that could be chosen for various reasons and there is a multitude that has been chosen.

When asking comic fans all over the world, I received countless suggestions. Some of these included the typical choices:

and the list goes on and one.

Yesterday, I decided to join this debate and create a list of who I deemed to be the best Female Characters in the Marvel Universe and I would like to share them with you.

So, in no particular order, here we go.

1. Jean Grey

I’ll begin this list with someone who was an original member of the X-Men. She possesses powers that are nearly unrivaled in comic lore. Her powers of telepathy and telekinesis are an invaluable part of any team and when she becomes the Phoenix, look out.

Jean Grey became one with the Phoenix Force on a space mission. The shuttle was on its way back to Earth while being bombarded with radiation from the cosmos. Jean sacrificed herself for the better of the team when she volunteered to pilot the ship back to Earth, while the others remained in the back, away from the radiation. It was thought that she died in this event, but in reality, she had merged with the Phoenix Force and became what some consider the most powerful creature in the Universe. Its strengths give it the ability to put entire galaxies on one knee begging for forgiveness.

While not completely there all the time, Jean Grey is a team player through and through. She has the ability to be a part of the team or can handle her own. She has stood the test of time since her creation in the early sixties and will continue to do so. Like I said, she is a founding member of the X-Men and she is easily in my Top 5 List.

2. Mystique

From Jean Grey, I would like to switch gears a bit. The next character, while not on the same level of power as Jean Grey has the unique ability to be anyone in the world. She is highly trained in combat, has aging that has been slowed down, and is resistant to a number of diseases.

Of course, I am referring to the mutant, Mystique.

You may be wondering why I would choose her.

Mystique is literally the Where’s Waldo of the Marvel Universe. How can you catch someone who can’t be found?

Mystique has powers that are so persuasive that she was able to infiltrate the United States Civil Service and becomes its Deputy Director of the Defense Advanced Research Planning Agency, gain its secrets and use them for her own benefit.

Is Mystique a good person? Depends on who you ask.

Is Mystique good enough for my Top 5?

You bet she is.

3. She-Hulk

I must confess that as I wrote this, my wife, who has become an avid fan of comics wanted to chime in with whom she would pick. Naturally, she would be a little biased towards her favorite character in comics, Jennifer Walters. For those of you who don’t know, Jennifer Walters is the cousin to Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk.

Jennifer Walters or The She-Hulk as she is known is what most female heroes aspire to be: Strong, Smart, In Control and a Team Player.

The She-Hulk received her powers after being shot and needing a blood transfusion. Her aforementioned cousin, Bruce Banner, was the one who gave it to her and unknown to either, his radioactive blood mutated her, transforming her into the She-Hulk. Unable to control herself as the She-Hulk at first, she would soon learn how to do so and as a consequence became a formidable foe to many villains.

Unable to control herself as the She-Hulk at first, she would soon learn how to do so and as a consequence became a formidable foe to many villains.

When not the She-Hulk, Jennifer is an accomplished lawyer with vast knowledge of the Justice System. Because of this, she is the trusted source for superheroes all over the world when they are seeking legal counsel.

For all the above reasons, she falls into my Top 5.

4. Elektra

What happens when you have been killed and resurrected for the purpose of bringing the world justice by any means necessary?

Simply put, you get the highly trained assassin, Elektra.

I have always considered Elektra a sort of Lone Wolf within the Marvel Universe. She has a problem with authority and can be a little on the reckless side. She can often be found doing her own thing and shows zero remorse for her actions.

Elektra came from a background that would not be thought of as one that puts a person on the path to becoming an assassin. Elektra was born to a Greek Ambassador and attended New York’s Columbia University. It was here that she befriended Matt Murdock or Daredevil.

After witnessing the death of her father, Elektra took a 180-degree turn in life.

She would go on to become one of the Kingpin’s favorite mercenaries, a long time lover/enemy of Daredevil, killed by Bullseye and resurrected shortly thereafter.

Elektra is resilient, murderous, intelligent and a person who I couldn’t even think of not having in my Top 5.

5. Mary Jane Watson

Finally, my last choice may raise an eyebrow higher than The Rock, Dwayne Johnson’s.

My choice is not a female with powers or a female that is typically thought of. I based this decision on her irrefutable dedication, drive and her ability to beat the odds.

Her story is not that of a fairy tale. In fact, her father was abusive towards her, her eldest sister and her mother. To block out her troubled life, she did what most teenagers would do and turned to partying. She left her terrible past and left home, living in a cheap apartment while taking a minimum wage job.

As time went on, she took a liking to a very specific masked hero. She adored his free-spirit and the mystery that surrounded him. Ultimately, she would end up marrying him.

If by now you have not guessed who it is that I pick as my final pick, I will tell you.

My final pick is Mary Jane Watson.

Having been around since nearly the beginning of the Spider-Man history, Mary Jane is as timeless to Spider-Man as Aunt May. She has been a part of some crazy storylines, survived countless instances and has remained a rock at the side of Peter Parker.

Mary Jane is the quintessential strong-willed woman who has overcome all odds throughout her history.

For all the above reasons, she is my number 5.

Now tell me, who are your picks?



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