The Ultraviolet Lanterns Are Here…But Who’s Running The Show?

Ultraviolet Lanterns
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Oh yes, there’s a new Lantern Corps…a new Ultraviolet Lantern Corps to be more precise. Revealed in Justice League #2 by Scott Snyder, Alejandro Sanchez, Jorge Jimenez, and Tom Napolitano, the Ultraviolet Lanterns are doing their best to rewrite everything we know and have known about the Lanterns. Not since Geoff Johns and his introduction of seven additional Lantern Corps has something so revolutionary happened.

Shortly after the fall of the source wall, Lex Luthor reveals that there are hidden forces within the Universe. Furthermore, thanks to its fall, these forces are no longer hidden. Naturally, the first to discover this force is none other than the longtime enemy of the Green Lanterns, Sinestro.

Sinestro informs the apprehended John Stewart that he has been searching for the mysterious power since his exile from the Green Lanterns. This, although not openly admitted by the creators, is a call back to the purple outfit he wore after his exile. He then tells John that like it or not, he will be his first recruit. It’s not instantly apparent what the Ultraviolet Lanterns power set is or what emotion controls the Ultraviolet Light. However, we do know that Sinestro uses its power to control John and send him to attack his allies. Strangely, even though Sinestro appears to have found the source, upon attacking, it is John who claims to be its leader.

What we know

Thus far, there isn’t too much information about the new Lanterns. What we do know is that they were discovered by Sinestro, he recruited Green Lantern, John Stewart, and Stewart proceeded to announce that he was the one in charge. I suppose from this little bit we know, the Ring seems to bestow the wearer with some sort of confidence in their own abilities. That is, it seems to boost their esteem in areas that were previously at a low.

In the case of John, he immediately began to attack his friends in the Justice League. I assume that this was because of the reserve he showed earlier in the issue about joining the team.

Anyway, I love the introduction of new Lantern Groups and when it happened in Blackest Night, I found myself unable to put the book down. While I like the individual groups and their capabilities, it’s the various Oaths and the vastly different perspectives they have that hook me. It is a nice reminder that not everyone in the world is the same, nor do we think the same.

As I am sure you are, I can’t wait for this story to unfold just a little more.



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