Thor Ragnarok – A Movie Worthy of an Asgardian Review

Thor Ragnarok Review
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8 out of 10. 80%. 2 stars shy of a perfect score. That’s Thor Ragnarok. Before I begin my explanation, understand that this will not include spoilers nor will it divulge any information the trailer didn’t already show. After you’ve read it, I only have one recommendation…go see it!

The Goddess of Death – Hela

No movie is complete without the villain. The villain is responsible for the mishaps and usually shapes the way the movie plays out. For Thor Ragnarok, Cate Blanchett was tasked to bring Hela to life…and she did it perfectly. She portrayed a vengeful character out to reclaim a world lost to her. As I watched her work her magic, I actually felt as though I could and should be rooting for her. If this movie were a picnic, Blanchett brought more than a basket full of muffins.

If I may be bold? I’d classify her role as one of the greats alongside both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger’s Joker. Yes, these are mighty big shoes to fill but understand she not only put them on but swaggered around the screen wearing them.

Thor and Hulk the best team since Rocket and Groot?

From the release of the movie trailers, we knew we were getting a much lighter side to the Thor movies and their characters than seen in the past. Thor, without a doubt finally came out of his shell. The last two movies were littered with trying to make him a serious action hero. While it worked, I always left the theatre and each subsequent time I watched it, feeling a little…disappointed. In Thor Ragnarok, his character shifted to what I can only describe as the proper way he is to be portrayed.

Smiles and smirks…lots of smiles and smirks.

His onscreen chemistry with the Incredible Hulk felt like Archie and Jughead, Lloyd and Harry, or even Jack and Crissy. The way the two played off of each other was flawless and it added a dimension to the movie that Marvel has only eluded to in the past.

The Hulk actually had a personality. He was more than “Hulk Smash”. For this, I’m thankful. One can only take so much of the same cardboard-type character. When I saw that they would be together in the trailers, I eagerly anticipated what I might see. It delivered…oh, did it deliver.

No hammer, no problem…

Taking Thor’s hammer away from him was the best thing for Thor. It allowed him to show that he could channel the necessary “tools” when he needed to. More than that, it allowed him to see that Mjolnir did not make Thor what he was, Thor made Mjolnir what it was. For the first time in the franchise, we got to see Thor as the “real” God of Thunder.

Tessa Thompson, or Valkyrie as she played, comes into her own and like Black Widow before her, showed that she belongs among the elite action heroes. She was brash, crude, strong, fearless, and worthy of being a protector of Asgard.

What would a Thor movie be without Loki?

Loki as always played second fiddle to Thor. This time, however, he could’ve easily substituted himself into the first fiddle position. Yes, from an outsider point of view, he appeared to be behind Thor and the Hulk in the pecking order, but if you pay attention, this isn’t actually so. I won’t go into detail as to why this is because I promised a spoiler-free review, but trust me when I say, he was as integral to the plot, the laughs, and the action as any.

Get your popcorn ready

Thor Ragnarok is fantastic from start to finish. If you like action and comedy this movie will serve you well. If you don’t, see it anyway. Much like the Guardians of the Galaxy before it, it is a sensical, light-hearted, action, comedy that perfectly exemplifies why Marvel Studios are the King’s of the big screen.

It is beautiful, vengeful, and perfectly written…and this is only Sakaar. I can’t stress this enough. Go and see it. Order up some popcorn, take the family, sit as far away from the talkative relative, and enjoy the thrill ride that is Thor Ragnarok.

Oh, before you do, be sure to read my article about the Planet Hulk storyline. It’ll teach you the things that you ought to know before you see Thor Ragnarok.



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