Thundercats Ho!

Thundercats Ho

I am a MASSIVE Thundercats fan. I have the biggest collection of Thundercats ‘stuff’ in Winnipeg. I live and breathe everything about this show. Just ask anyone who knows me. It courses through my veins quicker than blood. In fact, when my wife married me, we sat down and watched every episode.

So, what is Thundercats?

Thundercats was a cartoon created by Ted Wolf that made its debut in 1985 and ran until 1989. After its initial run ended, it continues to be played on and off again through syndication.

This show was so popular that it was able to spin off a live-action show, lunch boxes, toy lines, puzzles, clothes and even a series of comics.


The pilot episode, “Exodus”, firmly seats the audience in the passenger seat as the Thundercats travel from their home planet of Thundera, to their new home on Third Earth.

As the episode begins, the viewers learn that the Thundercats have to leave their home planet because it is about to explode. During their escape, they are attacked by an evil group of creatures known as the Mutants. The Mutants have only one goal in life and that is to capture the “Eye of Thundera”.

During the attack, the ship is severely damaged and Jaga, the leader, ends up sacrificing his life in an attempt to pilot it safely to the ground.

Jaga instructs the Thundercats to go to their time capsules (which preserve the ‘cats from aging). Before  Lion-O (the soon-to-be leader) enters his Jaga teaches him about the Sword of Omens (the weapon that belongs to the leader) and what it takes to be the leader.

On the way down, to Lion-O’s time capsule malfunctioned, and unlike the others who didn’t age when they awoke, he did.

Got it?


Not only was this show AMAZING but within each episode were lessons that the audience could learn.

In fact, each episode concluded with a ghostly image of Jaga (the former leader of the Thundercats) giving Lion-O sound advice.

“Better an honest enemy than a false friend, Lion-O. You must learn to tell which is which.”


Thundercats Ho!


I remember it as if it was yesterday.

My wife decided that she would give me with the best Christmas gift I would ever get. (Sorry to anyone who bought me something in the past, your kindness while appreciated, cannot measure up to this.)

If you didn’t know, Larry Kenney voiced the original Lion-O.

Through the miracle of social media, she contacted him and explained how much of a fan I was. He was so moved by her story, that he offered to send me a picture of Lion-O that he personalized and signed for me.

I was floored.

How cool is that? How often does someone take some time out of their day to not only talk to their fans but to personalize and sign something for them? Talk about Thundercats Ho!

The Thundercats live by the code of Thundera which states that they must embody truth, loyalty, honor, and justice. Larry Kenney embodies everything about that code.

It is framed and hangs proudly above everything.

Thundercats Ho!

As the 1980’s make a comeback, so to do the Thundercats.

As I walk through stores, shops, and even Comic Con I can’t help but notice a new generation of fans picking up the newest comic book issues or asking their parents to buy the latest Tygra toy.

I still am even out purchasing a toy or two! Remember, I have the largest collection in my city and I never miss an opportunity to add to it.

Things I look out for include:

  • Art from the artists
  • A new-old figure
  • An assortment of pieces that I can put together to make Cat’s Lair out of
  • Puzzles

It just doesn’t matter. If it is Thundercat related, I want it.

Saying that, if you have something that you want to sell, reach me at info@comicbasics and let me know what you have.

Maybe we can strike up a deal.


I really can’t say too much more but thank you. Thundercats has defined was a classic television show is and continues to leave a lasting impact on so many people. I leave you all the way I met you…Thundercats Ho!

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