Is It True? Are We Finally Getting A Thundercats Movie In 2019?

Thundercats Movie

In short…not yet. A little while back the internet went as crazy as Homer Simpson saying “No beer and no TV make Homer go crazy”. Yes, a Thundercats movie was rumoured to have gotten traction with Michael Bay set to direct.

Unfortunately for all the fans of the cats with short pants, this doesn’t seem to have any truth to it…for now anyway.

The rumour picked up traction shortly after the announcement of the upcoming Warner Bros. relaunch animated show of the famous cats. 

As it were, it was rumored that an upcoming Netflix project nicknamed Six Underground was, in actuality, a Thundercats movie. The debunked movie was slated to be produced by Ryan Reynolds and the aforementioned Bay.

The rumour was given substance after the same source that gave IGN Middle East information about Simon Pegg and Star Wars mentioned it.

Ten years ago video game art director, Jerry O’Flaherty was linked to a possible CGI movie of Thundercats. However, the movie failed to gain ground. 

As the rumors swirled, so to did the potential cast members. Mila Jovovich of Resident Evil and Fifth Element fame expressed interest in playing the only adult female of the group. On the male front, Ed Skrein mentioned he might want to play the leader, Lion-o.

The movie was slated to have a $150 million dollar budget. This alone gave further reason that it was a Thundercats movie. After all, Bay is known for bringing 80’s franchises back to the forefront. He has done it with both Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, each with varying degrees of success. 

Alas, all it is is a rumour and doesn’t appear to be anything more. Perhaps one day we will get an adaptation.

Until then, Thundercats Ho!



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