Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ Black Symbiote Suit Fetches Sky-High Price at an Auction

Tobey Maguires Spider Man 3 Black Symbiote Suit Fetches Sky High Price at an Auction

17 years after its release, Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy is still one of the most important superhero franchises, due to the massive impact that it had on the superhero popularity globally. The first ‘Spider-Man’ in the trilogy was briefly the highest-grossing comic-book adaptation of all time with Tobey Maguire remaining to this day, a favorite actor to play Spider-Man in the hearts of many.

Fans of the movies and comics will fondly remember the black Symbiote suit that Maguire wore in ‘Spider-Man 3.’ It was an awesome suit and in the next few days, it can be yours.

The suit was listed on the Heritage Auctions site just a few days ago at a price of $5. 500, and at the moment that the item was posted the price wasn’t all that unreasonable with many followers pointing out that the suit is kind of rough around the edges, with decades leaving its mark on it.

black spider man suit

The auction house also acknowledged that the suit is no longer as awesome as we remember it to be:

Displays production wear and age. The rubber webbing material is deteriorating and missing in places.

Many fans who observed the listing made fun of it even a few days ago when it was listed at a relatively low price for a movie prop of such importance, the current highest bid for the suit stands at $18,000, meaning that you will have to bid at least $18,500 for an opportunity to own a piece of history.

In any case, the auction closes in 4 days and we can expect the suit to only go up in price, if you’re interested and have a pile of cash lying around, now it’s your opportunity to own a black “spooderman” suit.

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