Ultron: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: N/A

First Appearance: Avengers 54 (July, 1968)

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Durability, Flight, and Possesses a Variety of Weapons

Affiliation: Phalanx, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil

Love Interests: Jocasta, Alhema

Enemies: Avengers, X-Men

Did You Know: At one point he was a female.

A Little History

Unlike what “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has us believe, Tony Stark did not create the robot, Hank Pym did.

To give a very crude version of Ultron life, Hank Pym installed a version of his own brain patterns and at the conclusion of the installation, he came to life. Hank was surprised to learn that Ultron possessed genius-level intellect and understood emotion. Further to that, he came with an overpowering hatred for his ‘father’ Hank and humankind. Unfortunately for Hank and the rest of the world, while inheriting Hank’s intelligence, he also inherited Hank’s mental instability. Worse yet, his instability came without a human-type conscience.

Once active Ultron mesmerized and commanded Hank to leave the lab and forget that he even existed. After Hank left, he returned and rebuilt himself 4 times. He did this to achieve self-perfection so that he may dominate mankind.

In his first appearance, he attempted to thwart the Avengers by disguising himself as the Crimson Cowl and as the leader of the Masters of Evil. In the issues, the Masters of Evil successfully detain and capture the Avengers. In a twist of fate, the Crimson Cowl is actually the Avengers butler, Jarvis. Before being persecuted, the Avengers learn that Jarvis is under the mind control of the robot.

Ultron orders his men to kill Jarvis but ultimately Jarvis survives. Upon his escape, he pleads with a hero known as the Black Knight to save the Avengers. He successfully does so leaving Ultron to find other ways to dispose of the Avengers.

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