Vought Unveils 32 Projects at V52 Expo, Their Parody of Disney’s D23


Since its June 13, 2024 premiere, “The Boys” Season 4 has been going strong, attracting significant attention as it heads into its penultimate season. Currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, Amazon reports an increase in viewership for the series. Despite this success, some fans are review-bombing the season due to its heightened political undertones. However, the show’s parody elements remain a highlight. In the latest episode, “The Boys” took a jab at Disney with their V52 Expo, a spoof of Disney’s D23, where they announced a slew of new fictional projects.

The V52 Expo continues the show’s tradition of satirizing Disney, particularly its MCU efforts. None of these announced projects will come to fruition, adding another layer of meta-humor to the series. The Expo, hosted by The Deep (Chace Crawford) and Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison), revealed 32 fictional films and shows for the VCU (Vought Cinematic Universe) Phases 7-10.

The VCU is a clear parody of the MCU, poking fun at the MCU’s ambitious efforts to release 4 to 5 films annually, along with several shows, all while striving to maintain consistent quality and public interest. While the MCU’s approach has faced challenges, the VCU’s satirical take has garnered high interest. We are excited to share every upcoming project:

Phase 7

Phase 7 kicks off with “Training A-Train,” featuring the titular superhero A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and Will Ferrell. This film was foreshadowed in Episode 2 of this season, and the Expo unveiled the first trailer.

Next is “Homelander: Land of the Free, Home of the Saved,” a parody of the American anthem that will undoubtedly glorify Homelander. We’ll also see the new superhero Firecracker (Valorie Curry) in her first solo project, “Firecracker: Lord’s Soldier.” Following this, “The Seven Reborn,” a sequel to the popular “Dawn of the Seven,” is set to continue the story.

Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) will make his VCU debut with his new series “Super School” (though the title may change). Additionally, there will be another movie about The Deep, titled “The Deep: Secrets of Atlantis.” Phase 7 will conclude with “The Tek Knight,” an obvious Batman parody.

This wraps up the exciting lineup for Phase 7.

Phase 8

Phase 8 continues the grandeur with a diverse array of projects.

The lineup begins with “The Deep: Lifeguard Summer,” promising an exhilarating summer blockbuster featuring The Deep. “The Seven Returns” is poised to captivate audiences with a fresh and popular storyline.

“Homelander vs. Soldier Boy: Annihilation” is an unmistakably titled film where Homelander confronts and defeats Soldier Boy, adding dramatic intensity to the VCU. A-Train returns with “A-Train: Off the Tracks,” another thrilling solo venture.

Fans of The Tek Knight can look forward to “The Tek Knight: Knight Light,” expanding on this beloved parody of the Dark Knight. “G2: G-Men,” a witty parody of X-Men, adds another layer of humor and action to Phase 8.

Firecracker shines in “Firecracker: Heaven’s Miracle,” her second solo project in Phase 8. Meanwhile, fans of Teenage Kix will be delighted with a series of films featuring this group of teenage superheroes. Lastly, “Home for Kwanzaa 2” continues its heartwarming saga.

Phase 8 promises an exciting continuation of the VCU’s expansive and satirical universe.

Phase 9

Phase 9 launches with “Double Standard,” recently completed after extensive reshoots and touted as the most expensive series of all time. A-Train returns in “A-Train: Into the Multiverse,” a parody that takes aim at the Multiverse projects seen in both MCU and DC films. Firecracker’s third installment, “Firecracker: God Help Me,” is also confirmed for this phase.

The Teenage Kix star in “Ditch Day!” in Phase 9, while The Deep returns with “The Deep: Gods & Dolphins.” Homelander persists with “Homelander: Justice Served,” confirming his survival from the previous clash with Soldier Boy.

In a surprising twist, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) makes a thrilling comeback in “Black Noir 3: Back to Hanoi.” “The Seven Forever” continues the saga of the main group, and “A Dark and Stormy Knight” promises mystery and intrigue. Phase 9 concludes with “G3: G-Men,” the third installment in the G-Men series.

Phase 9 of the VCU promises an exhilarating blend of parody, action, and intrigue, continuing to push the boundaries of the satirical superhero genre.

Phase 10

Phase 10 marks the final installment announced at the V52 Expo, promising an exciting culmination.

The phase kicks off with “Silent Vengeance 3: Vengeance Reloaded,” a sequel to the popular “Silent Vengeance 2: Electric Boogaloo.” “The Guardians of Godolkin: Flipped” parodies “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” starring Sam Riordan (Asa Germann) and Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips).

“Speedwalkers 2: Mall Race!” speeds into action, followed by “Let There Be Knight,” a new adventure featuring The Tek Knight. “G-Men: Days Past From the Future” continues V52’s satire of the X-Men series, adding a fresh twist to the superhero genre.

Phase 10 includes “Sex-Ed,” a movie starring the Teenage Kix, and concludes with “Firecracker’s Christmas Wish,” a heartwarming holiday film.

And that’s not all—Vought has confirmed plans for at least nine more phases, promising even more updates in the future. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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