What Happened to Cisco Ramon in ‘The Flash’ Series?


‘The Flash’ series was arguably the best in the Arrowverse franchise. Despite some flaws at the end of the series, where some of the storylines were clumsily wrapped up and were utterly disappointing, ‘The Flash’ was still loved by its fans. However, in 2014, specifically during its first seasons, ‘The Flash’ was “killing it” with its great storylines and character. Every superhero must have a good supporting group, and Barry’s Team Flash was great. The original members of Team Flash were Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, and Harrison Wells (later revealed to be Eobard Thawne), and their chemistry, combined with their skillset, was really well executed in the show. However, the recent series finale of ‘The Flash’ didn’t acknowledge Cisco Ramon at all, so we decided to see what happened to him in the show.

Cisco Ramon left the show during season seven, episode twelve, titled “Good-Bye Vibrations,” because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to work with the new generation of heroes and progress like his peers. This all went down after the event that saw Psych, making each member of Team Flash see their biggest fears. This only fueled his motivation to leave STAR Labs behind. He tells his intentions to Barry, Caitlin, and Iris, who gives him his blessing. Before leaving, Cisco Ramon passes the mantle to Chester.

Cisco Ramon didn’t die in ‘The Flash’ series, but we didn’t get a hint or a callback to his character in ‘The Flash’ series finale. Cisco’s absence in the series finale was disappointing, to say the least, especially after we saw Caitlin Snow and Harry Wells returning in the last episode. Nevertheless, we will dedicate this article to Cisco and go into more detail about what happened to him.

Cisco Ramon was part of the original Team Flash

When Arrowverse started in 2012 with the DC show ‘Arrow,’ no one could predict that the franchise would expand to the point it was in 2020. In the ‘Arrow’ series, we met Barry Allen, a quirky, intelligent forensic technician of CCPD who became a meta-human when the particle accelerator exploded and struck him in STAR Labs.

After deciding to be the protector of Central City, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison Wells from Team Flash decide they will help the Flash fight crime across the city and scientifically investigate the meta-humans that occurred after the particle accelerator explosion.

Cisco and the rest of Team Flash were present in Flash’s hardest missions in his superhero career, and frankly, Caitlin Snow and he were Barry’s closest allies at one point. One could argue that Harrison Wells was one, but two younger scientists were always there for Barry, who struggled at the beginning of his Flash journey.

When describing Cisco Ramon, he fits the usual superhero character trope, especially in television media. He was a quirky scientist, a geeky yet insanely intelligent man who brought a good amount of comic relief to the show.

What Happened to Cisco Ramon in the Flash?

Despite being developed as the usual geeky, scientist, supportive friend, Carlos Valdes’ portrayal of the character was spot on, and frankly, it was really believable. Cisco fits in really well within the Team Flash dynamic, with Wells being serious and gruff at times and Caitlin being serious but also passionate about her job – even her guarded persona is removed with Cisco being around.

So yes, Cisco was instrumental in the ‘The Flash’ series and one of the best parts of Team Flash. He was also the one who realized that Barry’s fatigue comes from a lack of energy after using super speed, which prompts him to develop special calorie bars for the new superhero.

Cisco’s feats only get better the further we go in the show – he discovers that Harrison Wells is actually Eobard Thawne and that the real Wells has been dead for years. The quirky scientist also discovered Time-Vault, which later became instrumental in ‘The Flash’ series. The scientist was also responsible for creating the machine to create artificial Speed Force, helping Barry restore his source of energy.


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We later discover that Cisco was meta-human all along and has acted as a superhero under the mantles Vibe and Mecha-Vibe. However, after Oliver Queen restored the Multiverse with his Spectre powers and created Earth-Prime, Cisco no longer had powers.

As Vibe, Cisco could manipulate energy through dimensions and even have dimension awareness, which was a curse in most cases. He could also create and defeat his enemies with Vibrational Blasts and open portals to other dimensions. During ‘The Flash’ show, many timelines were created or occurred over nine seasons, and Cisco was involved in most.

What Happened to Cisco Ramon in the Flash?
The first time Cisco died in ‘The Flash’ series.

As Mecha-Vibe, Cisco didn’t have his meta-human anymore, but he developed a suit that replicated some of his powers. The mecha suit could recreate his powerful Vibrational blasts and gauntlets that could shoot synthetic entropy traps. Nevertheless, Cisco’s time in ‘The Flash’ show has ended in season seven, and since then, we barely seen the character. So why Cisco left Central City?

Cisco departed the show in season seven of ‘The Flash’

As the show progressed, more new characters were introduced. The characters like Allegra and Chester were introduced in season six of the show, and it was inevitable that they would eventually join Team Flash. However, Cisco and Caitlin were still there, and the show started preparing us for Carlos Valdes’ eventual departure from the show.

After the New multiverse was restored, Cisco had a different background like most of the characters, but the lack of his “Vibe-powers” hit him hard since he felt useless in Team Flash. However, he met Kamilla Hwang, whom he wanted to impress, and the two eventually became a couple.

Another reason why Cisco felt useless without his powers is his inability to save Harry Wells and Jesse Quick when Earth-2 was destroyed. Cisco actually departed the Central City briefly to explore the Earth-Prime but returned when Team Flash needed help in the fight against the Black Hole organization.

What Happened to Cisco Ramon in the Flash?
Cisco in his Mecha-Vibe suit.

The dangers didn’t stop here; Cisco was always present, with new members and allies joining Team Flash. However, the breaking point for Cisco to leave Central City arrived in season seven, when the enemy he named Psych started attacking Team Flash with his psychosomatic powers.

The enemy gets through to Cisco, who relived his worst fears, which included him not being wanted by Team Flash, especially since he doesn’t have powers. After the recommendations by John Diggle and Lyla Michaels, the couple decides to move to Star City to work in the A.R.G.U.S. facility, where Cisco works as the Director of Technology and Science while Kamilla takes over the job of training coordinator in the same facility.


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Cisco did appear more in season seven when Team Flash had to fight against the evil speedster Godspeed, but the scientist didn’t appear in the show anymore – we only saw him through mentions of other characters and flashbacks.

When ‘The Flash’ series finale aired, I expected a cameo or a brief mention of the character, but that didn’t happen. The series finale was underwhelming for many reasons, but not even mentioning the founder of Team Flash and fan-favorite character was disappointing.

Nevertheless, we know Cisco is alive in ‘The Flash’ series, and his whereabouts bring more questions about why the character didn’t appear in the series finale.

What are your thoughts on Cisco Ramon in ‘The Flash’ series, and did you expect the character to appear in the series finale? Let us know in the comments below.

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