‘What If…?’ Season 2: Here’s Where Captain Carter Ended Up Via the Red Portal

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‘What If…?’ Episodes are usually standalone stories that deal with all types of scenarios from the alternative universe. So far in season 2, we’ve seen several stand-alone stories like what would happen if Nebula joined Nova Corps or what would happen if Happy Hogan transformed into a Purple Hulk and saved Christmas from Justin Hammer. Episode 5, however, wasn’t all standalone as it brought back a character from season 1, Captain Carter, and touched upon her story once again. The end of Episode 5 however brought a sneak peak for one more connected episode that we will be able to enjoy in a few days, let’s see where exactly did the red portal took Captain Carter.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Captain Carter was transported to the year 1602, summoned by Scarlet Witch Merlin and Nick Fury.
  • Some kind of temporal anomaly is taking place in the Elizabethan-era timeline, and both old heroes and villains are going to clash over it.
  • The episode was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s ‘Marvel 1602’ limited series.

Episode 5 gave us a glimpse into the things to come

‘What If….?’ Season 2 Episode 5 ended up on a heartbreaking and hopeful note. Steve Rogers inside the Hydra Stomper suit seemingly destroyed himself to destroy the Red Room, but Peggy was hopeful that he was still somewhere out there, and she was determined to find a “cure” for his condition and restore the man she used to know and love before they were forced to be separated.

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But, before Captain Carter was supposed to go with Black Widow to let off some steam, she was sucked into a red portal and transported to some random and unknown location with what appears to be Nick Fury and Scarlet Witch standing over her. So, where exactly is Captain Carter currently?


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Captain Carter was transported to 1602

Captain Carter was transported to an Elizabethan-era locale to fight some unknown danger that stranded several modern-day heroes in 1602, and they are supposed to save “the queen,” while we don’t know the exact details in which the story will unfold we do know that highly-anticipated Scarlet Witch Merlin variant will show up in the episode. We can also know what to expect roughly based on the source of this story.

Episode 5 of ‘What If…?’ Season 2 was inspired by ‘Marvel 1602’ written by Neil Gaiman

All ‘What If…?’ stories are, in one way or another, inspired by comics and alternative universes, but episode 5 has a truly specific source. ‘What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602?’ was inspired by Neil Gaimain’s ‘Marvel 1602.’

In the story, superheroes show up 400 years too early, causing a bit of a head-scratcher. Born and bred in the 17th century, these heroes find themselves in high places, dealing with court drama during Elizabeth I and James I’s reigns. The story kicks off with weird weather freaking out all over Europe, and Dr. Strange suspects some unnatural things are at play. He’s also on guard duty for the Knights Templar’s secret weapon, tasked by Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Sir Nicholas Fury is on a mission to bring said weapon safely to England, hiring a blind minstrel named Matthew Murdoch for the job.

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Over in the New World, the Virginia Maid arrives, bringing Virginia Dare, the first child from Roanoke, and her Native American bodyguard Rojhaz. Trouble brews as a winged assassin tries to snatch Virginia, revealing her gryphon powers. Dr. Strange thinks Virginia’s abilities might be behind the wonky weather.

Amidst all this, Fury interrogates an assassin who spills the beans—Count Otto von Doom is the puppet master. Despite efforts to stop him, Doom’s contraption releases poison gas, killing Queen Elizabeth I. The plot thickens as our heroes grapple with these time-twisting mysteries in the laid-back Marvel setting of 1602.

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