Where Is Groot From? Marvel’s Planet X Explained

Where Is Groot From Marvel’s Planet X Explained

Some of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy team found full closure in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 movie, and some of them departed, while others stayed to lead a new version of the team. One of them is Groot, and if the recent movie explained anything, it is that our lovely tree will stay with the iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy. While we are still processing the emotions of the GotG 3, let’s explore Groot and his origins in Marvel Comics. This article is dedicated to Groot and his home planet, Planet X.

Planet X is the home planet of the plant race Flora colossi. Planet X is the capital of the branch world, and it isn’t that much known about the place. However, the planet is ruled by “Arbor Masters,” above Flora colossus. According to Marvel Comics, Planet X’s biome is managed by the maintenance mammals, animals closely resembling the squirrels of Earth. In the case of Groot, he disliked “hanging out” with his fellow saplings and would rather converse with other mammals. After releasing the human object that was supposed to be experimented on, Groot was exiled from Planet X. Since then, he has traveled around the galaxy with his fellow Guardians.

Groot is an awesome character in Marvel Comics who catches our attention with three simple words: “I am Groot!” and saves the galaxy with other Marvel superheroes. Planet X has a brief origin in Marvel Comics, and we will make sure to explain it in the best way we can. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

What is Planet X?

When it comes to the origins of Groot, we know that he is part of the Flora colossus species that originates from Planet X. Interestingly enough, the was planet featured a few times in Marvel Universe, mostly in the animated universe, and the handful of Guardians of the Galaxy focused comics. Moreover, the comic book run titled Groot from 2015 does feature the home planet of Groot in its issue, and it’s not all that pleasant.

The reason why Planet X isn’t that pleasant for Groot is that the member of the Guardians of the Galaxy was exiled from the planet so many years ago. Planet X was the largest capital of branch worlds, where Arbor Masters were the ones that were ruling over Flora colossus species.

Where Is Groot From? Marvel’s Planet X Explained
“Arbor Masters,” creatures that rule Planet X.

These creatures teach children of Flora colossus Photonic Knowledge, which essentially makes Groot and his fellow saplings geniuses. Interestingly enough, despite being geniuses, according to the Marvel lore, Flora colossus is almost impossible to understand because their speech organs are so tight, hence why other beings can only make out the words I Am Groot.


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Planet X is mostly a green planet where mammals are used to keep the planet functioning, but Planet X is also where Arbor Masters would take in other species and experiment on them, and humans were on top of their lists. Groot was exiled because he saw an innocent girl being kidnapped for scientific experiments, leading him to help the girl and save her.

Where Is Groot From? Marvel’s Planet X Explained
Original Groot was a ruler of Planet X, looking for “victims” for their experiments.

Of course, this whole part of Groot’s origin story has been presented in the six-issue comic book run Groot from 2015, which is such a good, short read that it could make the hardest person say “aww.” Definitely check it out.

It’s also worth mentioning the beginnings of Groot in Marvel Comics in 1960 when he was a mere monster, or better yet, a ruler of Planet X, who arrived on Earth to kidnap the whole village for scientific purposes – also, original Groot could speak English language, which severely opposes current lore of Flora colossi.

Are there alternate versions of Planet X?

As I mentioned, besides a few storylines focused on Groot and other comic book events referencing Planet X, we barely see the place in Marvel Comics. However, Planet X has been featured in alternate universes, specifically in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series from 2015.

Where Is Groot From? Marvel’s Planet X Explained
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy dedicated the whole story arc to Groot, his species, and his home, Planet X.

In the season one finale, Ronan the Accuser invades Planet X and wipes out most of the native species, leaving Groot the last of his kind. Of course, Groot saves one World Pod within himself, using it to recreate Flora colossus species. The Guardians even fight against Thanos on Planet X, and eventually, Adam Warlock helps Groot’s species to be restored to his home planet.


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Unfortunately for Groot, Planet X is eventually destroyed by Thanos himself, who uses feral symbiotes to spread across the planet, leading to Guardians having to destroy it for good. Groot and the Guardians of the Galaxy find another planet to restore the Flora colossus, called Planet Y.

Animated Marvel Universe, or rather, Earth-17628, really showcased Planet X and its lore during seasons one and two of the animated series, which is much more representation of Groot’s home planet than we saw in the comics.

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