Who Is ‘Worthy Silver Surfer’ & How Powerful Is He?

who is worthy silver surfer and how powerful is he

Silver Surfer is one of the most iconic Heralds of Galactus and is also in the company of some of the most powerful characters in Marvel due to his bestowed connection to Power Cosmic. As such, Silver Surfer has seen numerous versions over the years, ranging from versions equal in power, such as Black Surfer, to godlike entities that have access to Asgardian Magics. Today, we’re going to be dealing with one such version, who became worthy of Mjolnir. Let’s see how powerful Worthy Silver Surfer is. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Thanos won and annihilated almost all life in the Universe, Silver Surfer spent millennia becoming worthy of Mjolnir.
  • He also gained powers of the previous Galactus’ Herald, “The Fallen One.” 
  • Worthy Silver Surfer was strong enough to take on King Thanos and his army but was eventually defeated by the combined efforts of both versions of Thanos.

Silver Surfer is one of the few survivors of King Thanos’ conquest 

This version of Silver Surfer appears in an alternate timeline as a part of the ‘Thanos Wins’ storyline. To give you a brief summary of it, Thanos managed to annihilate almost all life within the Marvel Universe, the Avengers lost the battle, and almost all Cosmic entities have been extinguished all in Thanos’ effort to impress Death and reunite with her once and for all. Of course, we’re talking about King Thanos at this point, a much older version of Thanos.


Here Is How Silver Surfer Killed Galactus in the Comics

Galactus, Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider are among the few survivors of this onslaught. Galactus eventually runs into Ghost Rider and turns him into his Herald, attempting to stop what Thanos is doing. 

Ghost Rider takes up his offer, and at first, the two of them are fighting Thanos’ forces until Ghost Rider decides to switch sides and betray his current master. Thanos brutally kills Galactus while Silver Surfer, his former Herald, watches from the sidelines. Silver Surfer decides to pick Galactus’ fight and gather all remaining powers in the Universe in the form of the Annihilation Wave. Surfer also realizes that he is not strong enough to take on Thanos and will have to acquire more power to meet him on equal ground. 

Thanos Kiledd Galactus

How did Silver Surfer become worthy of Mjolnir? 

The exact details of how Silver Surfer became worthy were never revealed, but it’s said that he spent a millennium trying to become worthy of the hammer. The only thing that was mentioned regarding his deeds at that specific time was the fact that he was trying to redeem himself within the shattered gates of Asgard. Throughout the whole ordeal, Thanos was aware that Silver Surfer was attempting to get his hands on Mjolnir, and he knew that Surfer was gathering forces against him. 

Silver Surfer holding mjolnir

King Thanos decided to use this as an excuse to pull his younger version from the past to this future so that the two of them could take on the suddenly empowered Surfer. This wasn’t true. However, King Thanos wanted a younger version of Thanos with him because only Thanos can kill Thanos.

King Thanos knew he could take on Silver Surfer alone, but he also knew that only he himself was worthy of killing him, and that was the last thing that Death asked for, his own life. So King Thanos sent Cosmic Ghost Rider back in time by using the fraction of Time Stone to fetch Thanos to help him deal with Silver Surfer and annihilation wave, allegeldy. 

What happened to Worthy Silver Surfer? 

Worthy Silver Surfer showed up with an annihilation wave at his back and attacked Thanos’ palace. Cosmic Ghost Rider first attacked him, but he dealt with him rather easily, using Mjolnir to shatter the demon completely.

Silver Surfer killing Cosmic ghost Rider

Then, Thanos decided to unleash the Hulk, whom he kept chained as his pet, in the palace’s basement. Seeing Hulk in such a savage, mindless state broke Surfer’s heart, and instead of attacking his old friend, Surfer tried reasoning with him, and Hulk reverted to his human form, pleading with the Surfer to kill him. His wish was granted but not by Surfer. 

Hulk and silver surfer impaled with twilight sword

King Thanos stabbed both Bruce Banner and Silver Surfer in the back with the Twilight Sword, killing Bruce instantly. However, Surfer still had some fight left in him and tried to oppose the Twin Titans.  

King Thanos and younger Thanos, however, brutally killed Silver Surfer. They mauled him and tore him apart. King Thanos held Worthy Silver Surfer down while younger Thanos used the Twilight Sword to cut off his sword arm, still holding Mjolnir in its grip. The finishing blow came when King Thanos impaled his head onto Mjolnir’s handle. King Thanos’ victory did not last long.

twin titans killing worthy silver surfer

However, as soon as Surfer was dead, King Thanos reveals the real reason why Thanos was fetched from the past. The younger version of Thanos refuses to kill King Thanos, considering him pathetic for being willing to die for Death. Instead of granting King Thanos’ final wish, he uses what’s left of Surfer to fuel the Time Stone with Power Cosmic and return to his own timeline. 

At that moment, the younger version of Thanos decided never to become like King Thanos and the whole of reality started fading into nothingness as if it had never existed. 

How powerful was worthy Silver Surfer? 

If we’re going by survival rate, Worthy Silver Surfer was the third most powerful being in the Multiverse since he was the only one standing after his forces, much like all that opposed Thanos perished. Surfer had access to his standard set of powers, as well as powers usually attributed to the Fallen One, Galactus’ first Herald. This means that Worthy Surfer had at his disposal the control of Black Matter. 


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Black matter is usually used to augment strength, reflexes, and durability, project energy, control the electromagnetic spectrum, and manipulate matter. It’s unclear whether Black Matter is more potent than Power Cosmic, but in any case, it certainly helped. Surfer was also empowered by Asgardian Magic through his connection with Mjolnir. Overall, he was extremely powerful, certainly powerful enough to smash Cosmic Ghost Rider, one of the most powerful versions of Ghost Rider, in a single smash.  

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