The Will Smith Genie Is Here and Aladdin Continues To Fail


Oh boy. It’s been said to “watch what you wish for because you just may get it”. Well, in the case of the much-maligned upcoming Aladdin movie, fans got exactly what they wished for. 

The latest trailer of the live action remake shows everything fans of the animated film could hope for. Aladdin. Abu. Jasmine. Raja. Jafar. The Cave of Wonders. Prince Ali’s grand entrance into Agrabah. The Flying Carpet. And each looks ok. Not great but not terrible either. 

When the original teaser trailer dropped, followed by the EW first look photos, the internet went crazy over Will Smith’s portrayal of the Genie. As one of the most loved sidekicks in the history of Disney, the Genie carries some high expectations with him. After all, the Genie was voiced by the late Robin Williams. 

Unfortunately, the internet went crazy for all the wrong reasons. Viewers across the globe have blasted both Will Smith and the movie for the adaptation of the Genie. At first look, the two were criticized for the non-blue human portrayal of the character. People asked why, if the original Genie was blue, wasn’t Smith’s So, when the latest trailer dropped at the Grammy’s, Disney was certain to put Smith’s blue genie in it. But that’s where the trouble started. 

When my brother sent me the link for the trailer my immediate reaction was less than impressed. I just felt that something was missing. He looked unfinished and off.

I wasn’t wrong.

Minutes after the trailers release, the internet back my enthusiasm.

Will Smith Genie Bash
Will Smith Genie Computer Meme
Will Smith Genie Meme
Will Smith Genie Reaction
Will Smith Genie Twitter

This news isn’t great for a film that has already been met with skepticism. From the over reliance of CGI, the low cost look of the sets, to Smith’s genie, the movie has not fared well before its release. Sadly, it won’t get any easier. Aladdin is considered one of the best, if not the best, animated Disney film of all time. It was perfectly cast, brilliantly animated, and told a story that can’t be replicated. Therein lies the problem. It can’t be replicated.

The movie is trying fight an uphill battle that it may not be able to win. Hopefully the movie delivers where all the marketing hasn’t. 

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