Rob Liefeld Agrees With Me, Don’t Let The Wolverine Rumors Be True

Wolverine Rumors

Finally, someone out there makes sense. Everyone and their dog knows that Hugh Jackman spent 17 years portraying Wolverine in Fox’s X-Men movies. His casting was picture perfect and over the course of those 17 years, he became as synonymous with the role as Kraft is to peanut butter. That’s why, at the conclusion of 2017’s Logan, fans across the world left the movie theatre with a giant ball of snot running from their noses and a waterfall of tears gushing from their eyes.

Wolverine rumors

When an actor steps down from a role the first thing people begin to do is speculate exactly who will be stepping into the role. In the case of Wolverine, there have been no shortage of casting rumours. Names like Zac Efron, Tom Hardy, Scott Eastwood, and even Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe have surfaced.

I’ll admit that when I first heard a few of these I went to bed begging the world to not have any of these happen. I literally got down and laid myself to the mercy of whoever was listening. Don’t get me wrong. These are fine actors and I’m sure they would do an admirable job. However, when Hugh Jackman was cast he had his relatively unknown actor status working in his favour.

  • No baggage.
  • No prior movies
  • And no acting tendencies to pick apart.

For days I begged and pleaded that the role of Wolverine would go to someone in the same place that Jackman was 17 years ago. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. The creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, has taken to twitter to express the exact same sentiment. 

Rob Liefeld Twitter Wolverine Rumors

Even though Radcliffe has debunked the rumours, it still doesn’t take away the fact that known actors appear to be in the running for the role. Wolverine is as iconic as they come. It’s in the best interest of the character to let Wolverine be Wolverine. This means that the Wolverine character needs to shine through and not the other roles of whichever actor plays him.

Disney, we lay this decision in your hands. 

I suppose time will ultimately tell what will happen. Until then, I’ll continue my begging and pleading.



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