‘X-Men ’97’ Just Teased a Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters

X Men 97 Just Teased a Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters

‘X-Men ’97’ just released its third episode and boy was it something. The episode continued from the cliffhanger that took part in the second episode last week which introduced several new characters and interesting plot points. We’ve seen Storm meeting Forge, Scott, and Madelyne Pryor becoming parents to Nathan Charles Summers (Cable) and ultimately Mister Sinister unleashing Madelyne’s madness which leads us to the topic of this article.

As Madelyne Prior unleashed horrific nightmares upon the team, one of the most interesting sequences was the one that belonged to Morph. In his vision he can see Wolverine in the shower, but instead of averting his gaze or acting shocked he continues to take in the view and jokes with Wolverine saying: Needs some help with those hard to reach place?”

This scene quickly turns back into a nightmare with Wolverine replying: Always with the jokes eh Morph? As If I don’t know?” So, what’s up with that? It’s not that far-fetched to assume that Morph could have feelings for Wolverine, but it would be kind of brave for the showrunners to rewrite one of the most notable things about Wolverine – the fact that he is in love with Jean Grey. Two are likely, and for now, just friends, as they can be seen joking constantly, so besides that one awkwardly-timed joke, there’s really not that much to it.

Morph already found himself in hot water after Beau DeMayo revealed that the character is non-binary, which some fans saw as shock, despite his shape-shifting powers. Recently, the voice actor behind the character, J.P. Karliak, revealed that fan backlash was significant but it didn’t surprise him all that much. He also explained that Morph will never refer to himself as non-binary in the show because the term wasn’t widely used in the ’90s and Morph doesn’t really have a definition to describe what he is going through.

What are your takes on Morph’s joke? Let us know in the comments below!

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