‘X-Men ’97’ Voice Actor Claims that Magneto Could Have Beaten Thanos Relatively Quickly

X Men 97 Voice Actor Claims that Magneto Could Have Beaten Thanos Relatively Quickly

‘X-Men ’97’ was an unexpected hit for Marvel Studios. Following a series of flops in 2023 the studio really needed something to restore at least some of the faith that the franchise could be salvaged from a series of bad stories.

In comes ‘X-Men ’97’ a revival of the old ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’ Fans were wonderfully surprised when the showrunners managed to keep faithful to the old show with new and modern twists.

One of the most important characters in the first season of the show was of course, Magneto voiced by Matthew Waterson. Matthew recently sat down with Phase Zero to talk about fan response to the show, Magneto stealing Gambit’s girl, and surprisingly, how Magneto would be able to wipe Thanos without too much struggle due to his mutant powers.

The voice actor was asked whether he would like to crossover with other MCU projects and he had an interesting answer:

I mean, there are obvious ones if you’re looking in terms of what Marvel has been doing recently. Magneto might have been an interesting addition to the Thanos thing because the glove is metal. So, it’s one where I’m like, Magneto would be able to solve that relatively quickly. I don’t what it was actually made out of. It looked metal, but you know. There are things like that where you can have a lot of fun with it starting to say, okay, well, to what extent does this person’s powers actually give them an ability to manipulate whatever that is? It’s like interactions between Magneto and Wolverine have always been so much fun because Wolverine has such an “I don’t care” attitude. And Magneto is always just looking at him going “I can literally just disassemble you because you’re made out of what I manipulate.’

While Matthew does have a point, that Magneto is often associated with controlling metals, it’s not entirely correct to assume that’s his power. Magneto is not a master of metal, he is a master of magnetism, so in theory, it would be difficult for him to control a metal that doesn’t have magnetic properties, and surprisingly there are a lot of metals like that especially those of supernatural or alien origin.

But, just because the metal in question is not outright magnetic doesn’t mean that he can’t manipulate it to an extent, every single thing in existence has a magnetic field around it no matter how minuscule it is, so in theory, Magneto could control it. See why it’s not so easy to conclude what Magneto can and cannot do.

Magneto can pick up wood even though it’s not a metal. He can manipulate the object’s electromagnetic field, as well as Earth’s, to lift the object and toss it. Of course, it requires much more focus, precision, and energy to do so because he’s essentially controlling the force field around the object, not the object itself – but he can still do it.

Now the main question is whether he could be able to rip Infinity Glove from him let’s say, during Infinity War or Endgame. Ultimately, he wouldn’t be able to, since mastery of all Infinity Stones gives Thanos an edge and literally the ability to modify reality and depower Magneto completely. There’s also plot armor to take into account.

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