‘X-Men ’97’ Wasn’t as Successful as We Thought Numbers Reveal

X Men 97 Comments on Future Cameos New Characters

‘X-Men ’97’ was truly a breath of fresh air on Disney+. The continuation of the original animated series brought numerous fans back to the platform following the failure that was ‘The Marvels.’

It was a perfect combination of nostalgia and excellent storytelling, and the episodes kept us entertained for weeks, despite burning through the plot rather fast.

‘X-Men ’97’ hashtag was trending for weeks, the social media was filled with theories and discussions, started by the showrunners themselves primarily Beau DeMayo. Seeing that overwhelmingly positive reaction to the show, it was confirmed that it would get at least 2 additional seasons, with several rumors going as far as claiming that the show would get as many seasons as possible.

Yet, the number tells us a different story altogether, primarily, that it wasn’t all that watched, in fact, it seems like only the fans of the animated series and the team in general were drawn to this project.

Back when the show premiered, Variety reported that 4 million people watched the show, which is the biggest premiere for original Marvel animated content, well I guess you could see how this is deceptive since Marvel doesn’t have that many animated projects released on Disney+, and shorts like ‘I am Groot’ were not taken into account.

Something seemed off when after three episodes, the show failed to appear on Nielsen Charts.

Then, official numbers were released, and as it turns out, ‘X-Men ’97’ failed to surpass ‘Echo’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ when it comes to streaming on the Disney+ platform. The show is third most-streamed when it comes to original content with only 6.8 % of viewers watching the show.

Deadline reported that the season finale of “X-Men 97” garnered 3.5 million views globally within its first five days on Disney+. Disney also announced that this is the most-watched full-length animated series finale since Season 1 of Marvel’s “What If…?” and that the show’s viewership has been steadily increasing over the last four episodes leading up to the finale. This is….still less than what Premiere got and still not enough to truly be the most-watched show currently.

But when you take into account that this is an animated series, it’s certainly a success a massive portion of the fanbase is simply not interested in animated content. Still, I would expect that the show that was so praised would manage to surpass ‘Echo,’ which in the large scheme of things was pretty successful going by the numbers alone.

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