Fuck Yeah! The Y The Last Man Television Show Is On Its Way

Y The Last Man

Fuck Yeah! The Y The Last Man Television Show Is On Its Way

Finally, we have been shown the light. 

After months of speculation, rumours, and wondering Y: The Last Man has a television release date. FX has ordered it to begin airing sometime in 2020. This means that we are only one year away from possibly the best television adaptation of a comic book in history. 

And if not the best, at the bare minimum a really good adaptation. 

The source material, the book of the same name, has been a favorite of comic readers since its release. It’s thought provoking, funny, filled with action, and asks the question all men wonder: If I was the last man alive, what would I do?

Y: The Last Man will see creator Brian Vaughn as executive producer and Melina Matsoukas as director of the pilot episode. Fear not. For those who don’t know, this isn’t Vaughn’s first crack at television. He was a part of the brainchild responsible for the widely successful television show, Lost. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

Coinciding with the announcement of the show, actor Barry Keoghan (Yorick Brown) has released its first image. And it’s a good one 

The image shows a hooded individual, presumably Yorick, walking down the street. He looks to be the only one alive as all other individuals appear dead on the ground. Accompanying him in a kennel is what looks to be his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. 

Y: The Last Man (released by Vertigo) follows Yorick Brown and Ampersand as they make their way to his girlfriend Beth. Finding Beth requires that the two navigate a world that has been decimated by an unknown cause. That is, a plague of sorts has wiped out any mammal who carries the gene responsible for producing males.

Contrary to what you may think, the book isn’t about repopulating the world. Instead, it sees Yorick literally fight his life time and again. Personally, I can’t wait. The Y The Last Man television show is going to be a good one.



Title Image © Vertigo Comics

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